Swap with Vanilla

Some time ago me and Vanilla agreed on doing a swap. I wanted some Etude House items and I said that I'll send her some Essence stuff.

At first we said that it is going to be a small swap, but I kinda lost the feeling while shopping for her. So it turned out to be a big swap!

I sent her some goodies, and so did she!

I am posting this because, honestly I feel lazy today and I wanted you to droll over something :)).


If you are wondering, the Mug thing is a quick Ramen thing. You put it in a cup, pour boiling water over it and wait for 3 minutes. I love such junk food, I can't have enough of it!

I got lots of sheet masks and regular masks to try out! 
I LOVE sheet masks. But sadly, they are nowhere to be found in Slovenia.

I already started using some of the items, so expect new reviews! :) 

Well I hope you will have a great weekend, I hope mine will be and that I won't feel as lazy as I do tonight... 



  1. Lots of goodies! This is exciting! I can't wait to read more about all of those products (=

  2. Wow, this is a gorgeous swap! Ahh... swapping is so exciting, isn't it? Hehe... ;)

  3. This is sooo great, I'd like that kind of swap too. (:

  4. Swapping is exciting! Especially blind swaps!

    Thank you ladies for all of your comments!

  5. cchaoticc: To so v bistvu maske (iz bombaza, v obliki obraza) namocene v tekocino... raznorazne tekocine. V bistvu so super, ker tebi ni treba packat za sam nanos. Samo das gor in pustim xy casa in das dol. Pri nekaterih izperes kar ostane, pri drugih ne (te so meni ljubse, ker sem lena).

    Tukaj imas nekaj vec napisanega:

    Mogoce bom naredila blog post o njih. :)

  6. oo najlepša hvala.. bi bilo lepo kdaj poskusit :) bom provala kje po italiji pobrskat če dobim kaj :)

  7. This is a neat swap! Hope you have fun with the goodies!!!


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