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I know that there's been lots of drama in the blogging world lately. It's been about an article (or two)  that said that beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers are dishonest because they get free items / best seats at runways. They even said that we should not be blogging because we aren't PRO makeup artists and sh*t like that.

What the heck. Blogging is fun, especially because we can share our thoughts on stuff that worked for the US. It works for us, it MAY NOT do the same for you. And most of all when buying stuff, you would probably want to read more than just one OPINION?!

And bloggers are interesting too because we all come from different cultures and we have different lifestyles.

I think that if people really thought that bloggers were that sh*tty, they wouldn't read them at all. 
I still think that reading an opinion from a blogger is more realistic than an opinion from a magazine.

Come on, they get items to review too, and nobody says anything to them?!

Are magazines really THAT afraid of US?!


  1. hey Tamara, wow I had no idea this has been going on. All I can say is who cares! there is always gonna be someone or a group of folks that won't agree with us and what we do. As long as we keep our professional faces high with pride, no worries! and yes, I do agree that we are wayyyy more realistic than the people in the magazines. well I hope you have a wonderful weekend! -Jhoy

  2. Jhoy thank you dear! Unfortunately I saw the articles and I didn't like them... :/
    Thank you for the wonderful weekend wishes. I hope yours will be great as well! *

  3. ive seen that too!!,and yeah it kinda pissed me but hey,nobody actually cares after that,we're having fun blogging and its not our fault if people read our blogs and send us stuff for reviews,what matters is we do what we do honest opinions ^_^.hehe.yey us

  4. And with you I am absolutely agree! If somebody trust only professional artist go ahead and read only them! As for me I love read blogs of random bloggers! Thats more informative and interesting!

  5. it riled me up when i read about that & i had to just write a long post about it...

    it is very insulting & to think that right after she was flooded with comments, she had the gal to say that 'she doesn't hate bloggers'..

    what a fine way of saying that,huh?

  6. Magazines are TERRIFIED of us! People don't pay to buy a magazine when they can log onto the internet and get a lot more opinions and realistic feedback on a product.

  7. When our favourite blogger tells us that certain product really worked for them, we know there's a risk that it won't work for us. But we try it.. and we won't get mad if it doesn't work, we knew it all before.

    But when a magazine writes one article about the newest Dior lipgloss.. and there's written in bold "recommended from our main editor".. of course they're lying.

    So don't worry, bloggers win - people are not that stupid. And if they are.. they're not worth us. (:

  8. As first, I'd like to thank you all for your comments and thoughts about the problem! <3

    CamRenRai16: True blogging is fun, we should keep that in mind. Honest opinions are important, who says that even if we get free stuff, we have to love it?! <3

    Anastacia: True, I must say that I haven't bought any of those advice magazines (cosmopolitan etc) ever sice I started reading blogs!

    Thiamere: I saw your post,and I have to agree! Very well written, dear!

    Glidedangel: Hahaa I'm sure they are! The internet made a huge difference in journalism! That's why some people want to censour it ._.!

    Biba: Hvala *!

    Nuša ann: You are right, we aren't stupid nor (hopefully) are the people who read us, because they want a second opinion! We at least have the feeling someone is lying when they are lying. And freebies for us, means less freebies for magazines (probably).
    I remember buying all those women magazines because I wanted to buy the recommended products.. lame I know. I thought they weren't lying but then again, I was naive.

  9. I trust regular bloggers more than professionals. Because we don't make a living out of it.

  10. Being jealous is so ugly :| If they don't like beauty/fashion blogs, good: just stop reading our blogs :S


  11. woou, nisem vedela, da se to dogaja.
    Dam ti prav pri čisto vsemu kar si napisala! V reviji še nikoli nisem prebrala, da kakšen izdelek nebi bil dober, na blogih pa dobiš pravo mnenje. Meni nihče neda free item, pa vseeno pišem, za zabavo. Sem pa mnenja, da na raznih blogih vidiš lepše in bolj realne make upe, kot pa od kakšnih pro, ki fotke še dodobra obdelajo!

  12. I've already read about this ridiculous topic at I don't understand such silly creatures that are afraid of us. In my opinion, beauty bloggin is an enrichment of the WWW and a great source for beauty addicts. If someone isn't an addict, he or she should better shut her silly mouth and talk about other, more interseting issues. By the way, I whis I had sponsors for my giveaways in order to make my readers happy. And guess what, there was a lady from the UK who asked me if I were a make up artist. She's one and thought I was one, too. Cute,, huh? But no, it's just a passion and a hobby. So let us our rights to follow our passion for make up, szupid journalist mob!!!


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