Blogger drama

I know that there's been lots of drama in the blogging world lately. It's been about an article (or two)  that said that beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers are dishonest because they get free items / best seats at runways. They even said that we should not be blogging because we aren't PRO makeup artists and sh*t like that.

What the heck. Blogging is fun, especially because we can share our thoughts on stuff that worked for the US. It works for us, it MAY NOT do the same for you. And most of all when buying stuff, you would probably want to read more than just one OPINION?!

And bloggers are interesting too because we all come from different cultures and we have different lifestyles.

I think that if people really thought that bloggers were that sh*tty, they wouldn't read them at all. 
I still think that reading an opinion from a blogger is more realistic than an opinion from a magazine.

Come on, they get items to review too, and nobody says anything to them?!

Are magazines really THAT afraid of US?!

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