Review: TheFaceShop Cereal Mung Bean Sheet Mask

I got a couple of masks from Vanilla because we swamped a couple of items <3.

One of the masks was this sheet mask by The Face Shop. I am a big fan of sheet masks, but unfortunately, they do not sell them here. So the swap was really great, I LOVE sheet masks and she sent me LOTS!


Packed with various healthy cereals, this mask sheet gives effectively vital power to your skin .
Soothing Mung Bean famous for its detoxifying quality, soothes irritation and breakout of the skin while supplying protein-rich moisture. Great for oily acne-prone skin. 


The mask itself is really easy to use. You wash your face so it is squeaky clean, open the package and take out the mask. Then you open the mask up and put it on your face and adjust it to its size.

The mask itself has an interesting smell. Not strong but noticeable. I could smell alcohol, which I didn't like and some citrus smell.

After I applied it, it was a bit cold but it soon adjusted to my face temperature. The smell went away (or let's say I stopped smelling it) and I could relax for the next 20 minutes. 10 minutes later I felt this strange tingling effect on my chin and one cheek. It was like if my skin was hurting for a couple of seconds, a cold weird feeling. Luckily it went away after a couple of minutes.

When I took it off, I patted into my skin the remains of the sheet mask (from the baggie). It felt really refreshing and it soaked in quickly. I applied some on my neck and chest area too.

After the mask, my skin felt clean, refreshed and most important - smooth! 
I am a sold soul because of the smoothing effect!
Then I applied Jojoba oil to finish my skin routine, with which it worked really well.

+ It is cheap 
+ Effective
+ It didn't break me out
+ The smell was pleasant even if a bit artificial
+ It worked well with jojoba oil afterward

- The alcohol scent of it
- The weird feeling I got at some point while wearing the mask

Rating: 4/5 ♥♥♥♥
Price: 2,5$ on Ebay

Well no matter all, I love it! I really liked the soft skin it left me behind and the fact that my skin felt refreshed and smooth! I would repurchase even if the downside is a bit alcoholic smell of it!

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