Review: Silk Whitia Organic Strawberry Mask

This is the second mask I tried this week. 
It was the first time trying it, so my review might not be the most accurate.


The back side

I have combination skin with oily T-zone and normal - dry cheeks, but this mask is appropriate for all skin types except sensitive. Which I think is a paradox, because it says it helps PREVENT sensitivity. 

The packaging is nice, looks very pretty to me, especially the strawberry drawing. It kinda makes you expect a strawberry scent. And there it is, but it is more of a candy strawberry smell than fresh strawberries.

The sheet is very gentle, great quality one. But I went like 'YUCK' when I took it out. Why? Because I didn't expect it to be a gel mask. I mean I never tried a sheet mask that had some sort of gel in it.

It was a bit slippery, so I had quite a hard time applying it correctly. But after I managed to do so, ah it was time to relax!

You can keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, but since I wanted to get the most out of it, I went for 20 minutes.

I didn't wash my hands after I applied it, I just lied down. My hands felt greasy and sticky at the same time. Then the feeling was gone, but the stickiness didn't go away until 5 minutes later.

About 10 minutes after I applied the mask, I got this weird burning sensation. It wasn't really strong, but it was noticeable. The feeling grew a bit stronger, but I still decided to keep the mask on for another 10 minutes. 
Luckily the feeling went away after a couple of minutes later. Don't get me wrong, my skin is NOT sensible.

When 20 minutes have passed, I stood up (at this time the mask was practically glued on my face, so it didn't fall off) and took it off. It is not a leave - on the mask so I washed my face thoughtfully. It took me some time since the mask left behind this sluggish feeling.

I noticed that my cheeks were red from irritation and they even felt a bit dry too. My face didn't feel really moisturized at all. The skin over my brows was really dry.

So I applied toner (Garnier Fresh Essentials) and over it Jojoba oil to calm down the irritation. It worked.

+ Smells nice
+ It is very well priced
+ Comes in a handy package

- It irritated my skin
- It is more of a gel-like texture than a waterish one
- It is slimy
- It was hard to wash off
- Price

Price: If I am not mistaken it is 18$ for 4 on (currently sold out)

Rating: 1/5 ♥

Well, I didn't like the gel consistency of the mask, but I loved how great the sheet mask felt on my skin. Pure love! The smell wasn't that bad either, it stopped my sugar cravings because of its sweetness. Sadly it didn't work out, as my skin got irritated. Tho I have to admit, it left my skin feeling smooth. I wouldn't repurchase (this was part of a swap tho), even if I love sheet masks. For me, it has more negative proprieties than positive, so it is definitely a no-go for me.


  1. 18$ for 4 masks is quite expensive for masks! and plus, it irritated your skin, which is no good :(

    thanks for the review!

  2. wow, i got this mask, but I've yet to try

  3. CHAIGYARU: Yes 18$ for 4 is a lot, but they were having a BOGO promotion some time ago.

    Compared to the pack masks where you get 22 masks for a bit more than 10$ those are super expensive!

    But compared to the huge silk whitia ones that are 6$ per one, these seem ok lol.

    Tho they are REALLY expensive if you use them every day. I am not used on using them every day, I was planning on using them 1/week. But then again, I won't buy it, it irritated my skin too much :(.

    ning*star: Try it and say if it was the same for you. Strawberries are supposed to have whitening properties.

  4. I tried a strawberry whitening mask, and it made my skin lighter. It was a different brand.

  5. Different strawberry whitening masks lightened my skin. Ebay whitening pills lightened my skin. Other whitening masks never lightened my skin. Different whitening lotions never whitened my skin. Amazon has cheap whitening masks, and cheap whitening component pills.

  6. I bought two ebay whitening pills bottles...and now they raised the price of ten dollars at all ebay whitening pills...and they lied to me saying my credit card needs to be approved...I already aproved it before buying two whitening pills bottles...I think whitening pills won't work....only whitening face masks for people to whitening their entire body...chemistry lab create your own whitening masks to whitening their entire body.

  7. I will never be able to buy a third whitening bottle at ebay.

  8. Just yahoo search whitening masks to buy some cheap whitening masks. The Lunabeauty webpage has three dollars whitening masks. I tried the four dollar one, and it worked at lightening my entire body two levels. I had a problem with it staying though. I needed minerals or vitamin a with the whitening mask to make it stay.

  9. I think different vitamin C from strawberries, and maybe something different done to strawberries, and maybe something interacting with strawberries was why a strawberry whitening mask from a Chinese grocery store near my house worked very well at staying for three weeks of two levels entire body lightened.

  10. People will sabatauge whitening pills bottles in the future.

  11. Ebay whitening pills gave me a stroke sometime within the last three days. I don't remember when. The only reason I'm alive right now is because luckily my brain regenerated while I was sleeping with blood everywhere at my brain. People should never use whitening pills. Only yellowpages health grocery store dried kelp snacks, and whitening masks.


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