A gift

My bday is approaching, and since we won't be able to exchange gifts next week, my sister gave me her gift yesterday!

Wohooo xD!

I got two soaps, a bath bomb and a massage bar from Stenders. I also got a bag full of tuna pate, which made me laugh. =D


Now I have enough soaps for the next year..  No need of stocking up anymore!

My dear boyfriend got me two funny cupcakes, from his small trip. They looked delicious, but they didn't taste as good :(

Sadly it seems that there is no way of getting my hands on the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows, so I got myself something else .P.



  1. The cupcakes are cute!!!! Nice to see,but taste awful,right?

    Your sister is generous.The smell must be great too,right?

    Wishing you "Happy Birthday".

  2. OMG those soaps packages look so cute!

  3. cute gifts and happy birthday! yeah I find really good looking food usually doesn't taste as good! -_-

  4. josephinechoo: Yeah they were super cute, he kinda surprised me with them! YAY. But they sadly didn't taste good at all. Such a shame.. :/ The soaps smell amazing, nothing like lush that sometimes smells so artificial. Thank you!

    Gaby: They are! And they smell amazing! They smell really natural, and fresh.

    Pop Champagne: thank you! Well I find sushi to be really good looking, and for me it tastes divine. But then again, cakes.. are a hit or miss :/.


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