EOTD: Soft purple

Yesterday, I admit - I was walking around without any make up on.... 

And believe me, I got so many 'wtf do you want' looks from some bit***s! I find it so annoying when a girl which is totally dressed up, gives me that kind of look. What is wrong with you? Do you lack of confidence of what?!

Anyhow, when I was at home, in the evening I decided to try out my new mascaras (Essence Volume to the max - it has a brush shaped as a comb and Essence Black Mania), so I put on some make up. Yes, just for the pure pleasure of trying out new things.

I used the CS 88 Matte palette and Alima Pure eyeshadow in Pink Sapphire

Here's what I came out with!


I used my neon light to take photos, and I think they came out pretty daylight - looking.

What do you think?


  1. Love!!!!!Love your eyes!!Mascara did a great job too

  2. Looks great!
    Your eyes are such a beautiful color..oh my god! So pretty!

  3. I like it. Pretty MU for pretty eyes.

  4. Yeah, absolutely, the neon light worked wonders. The lighting is perfect. Damn, I hate myself for saying it again but your lashes are stunning. I think, every mascara works on them. Don't worry if there are some odd girls outside. The main thing is that you're confident. XOX

  5. Amazing! The lighting is perrrfeecct.


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