Review: Daiso Black Charcoal Mask

While I am still testing other products out, I can tell you about this mask.
I bought it just because it was black and looked messy, plus because it said that it can remove blackheads.

It is known by many names from Daiso, BLAKhead Masque, Saizen, Narakashiwa. Originally it comes in the Daiso stores for about 1$, but if you buy it online you can get it from 2$ on.

I took two pictures of it, a more Xmas related and a regular on a black wallpaper.  It was fun!
The mask comes with a sticker of a girl's face covered in the black mask, I peeled mine off.

Everything on it, is written in Japanese, so I don't understand anything, but luckily there are instructions online!

The back side

I really like the packaging, it's nice and classy with a really good quality packaging. The mask came with an aluminum sealant at the bottom, so you know that what you buy is brand new!

I really expected the mask to be a bit runny, because of all the reviews that said so. But on the opposite, it's really thick and you can cover your nose/face evenly without using too much product!

I really love the fact that it is black and messy. YES! 

  • Cleanse face as usual and pat dry.
  • Apply a layer of charcoal face mask evenly all over face.
  • Ensure that eyebrow, eyes, and mouth does not come into contact with the mask.
  • Wait for the charcoal face mask to dry completely. You will know this when it's no longer sticky and skin feels tight.
  • Peel off the dried charcoal face mask. You will see immediate results (blackheads removed, pores cleaner, and skin feels smoother)!
  • Use once a week for best results.

You can see that my apply isn't really even, but I put on the amount you saw on the picture before. I put on quite a thick layer because I wanted to know how long it will take to dry. And you know what? It took about 10-15 minutes!

When it dries the mask goes matte.


That is all my fine hair, ah I didn't know I had that many hairs on the face!

Peeling it off can be a bit painful, but not on the T-zone anyway. I once used the mask on my entire face (when I first got it) and peeling it off, hurt like a bi***! I cried so much, lol! Plus it pulled all my fine hair off, omg!

The result
As you can see it didn't do anything to my blackheads, but it pulled out all the fine hair. I think I'll use it every week because it is super fun even if it didn't really help.
My pores aren't really filled currently, but I have a couple of really stubborn pores. Next time I'll use it after the shower and then I'll update my review.

+ It is black, it has charcoal in it.
+ It looks like fun, feels great!
+ It left my skin feeling smooth and clean.
+ It dries into a paper like a thing.
+ It is a peel off mask, I love those!
+ It is cheap.
+ It will probably last me forever.

- Didn't really do anything for me.
- It hurts when you pull it off, especially if used on other parts than just the T-zone.
- It is messy.

Price: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5 I bought mine for 5$ on Ebay, but if you got a Daiso store around you, you can get it for 1$!

Rating: ♥  ♥ 2/5

Overall: Even if it doesn't do much for me, except pulling out the fine hair, I like it. I love messing around with it, and scaring my dear with the blackness on my face! I really hope it is going to start working for me because I was expecting a lot from it. I mean if it is so strong to pull out hair, why wouldn't it pull out blackheads?! I will have to edit this review after a couple of weeks, after testing it after the shower.
But so far I can't really give it nor a good nor a bad mark. I have read many great reviews about it and some bad. It may work for some, and it surely does work for some, but for me it really doesn't. But then again I can't nor recommend it nor say 'stay away from it'.

EDIT: I have tried using it after the shower and... nothing! It was still the same. It seems that my blackheads and whiteheads are too resisting for it. Sad but true :/.

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