Review: Skin79 Dreamgirls BB Cream

Today I am a bit bored, so I decided to review my latest addition to the BB creams collection!

Okay, it's my only BB cream currently, because I gave the Ginko BB cream to my mom and I used up the Mushroom BB cream.

Let me introduce you to Dreamgirls BB cream by Skin79.

It is aimed towards young people, those who are in the early 20's, so I thought it would be perfect for me, because of the great oil control it claims to have. Plus there's another reason, I didn't find more than two written reviews of ti. So it got me curious.
And the design, it is just perfect! 

Primarily intended for the younger set, Dream Girls BB Cream addresses the concerns of young skin by providing oil control and UV protection to prevent unsightly premature aging. The thick cream provides light to medium coverage, evening out the skin tone and creating a dewy and smooth finish that lasts all day long. Suitable for lighter skin tones. By Skin79.


The price was fine, I got it for 15$ on Ebay.

Coverage:  Sheer
Texture: Creamy
Shade:  comes in one shade only
Fragrance: Disgusting, a flowery scent with a weird addition.
Oil-Control:  Great!
Dewy or Matte (finish): Dewy

I found the scent to be very disturbing, but luckily it vanishes after applied. If it was just for the scent, I could say it is good, but that's not its only problem.

The cream oxidizes! It is a nice light shade, which would probably be fine for me, but it literally oxidizes in a matter of seconds!

But since it doesn't offer good coverage it's not such a big deal. 
It is just terrible that it does that, nothing more.
At first, I hated the super dewy finish, but then I started to like it and now I really love it, because in winter my skin doesn't get that healthy glow anymore.



As you can see, there is almost no difference at all. But it covers the red spots a bit and it nothing else it works great as a primer, which is exactly what I use it for. 

+The box, it's super pretty!
+It comes in a shade light enough for me.
+Oil control.

-The smell, I hate it!
-It oxidizes and turns into some orange undertone cream.
-It costs more for a worse effect than my other BB creams.
-It comes in a 43,5g tube.
 -Doesn't offer almost any coverage.
-You need to use A LOT to get some coverage.

Rating: ♥ 1 /5

Overall: I don't really like it. I use it only because I hate wasting any products, and because it works well as a primer. But honestly, this is not a great BB cream. At least not if you are looking for SOME coverage. And I really dislike the fact that it oxidizes on me. It would be fine if it only happened to me, but it did not. It happened to everyone. I dislike the smell, but I simply adore the tube design. I love love love it! Well, I don't really hate this product, but if I knew I wouldn't buy it at all. Maybe it could work for darker complexions, because of the sheer coverage? I don't know. But I don't like it and I do not recommend it.
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