NEO lenses arrived!

Today I got my NEO circle lenses from Charlene shop.
I still have to try them out, so all those who would like a review will have to wait a while.. :)

But because you've all been so nice, here are two pictures of them on my eyes!



How do you like them? I LOVE them so far! The first natural looking lenses on me!


  1. They look really good on you! You cant even tell you're wearing lenses and yet your eyes look so big and bright! I got my violets today, not opening them till the others run out I think though. Will probably end up opening them and wearing them at christmas :P x

  2. LolrenLollipop:
    Wow, which violets?! I want pictures, pretty please..

    I got Adult Violets but they are defective so I can't see a shit with them..

    But they looked interesting (after taking them off I checked the picture I took).

    I really like these lenses, they are pretty much what I was looking for!

  3. those look really good on you! love it!!!

  4. sooo jealous they are beautyful


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