I am alive!

Hi everyone!

Did you miss me?

I was away for well... some time because of my busy busy life.. :) Okay, last week I was lazy, because I was working almost every day and then on Friday I went to a party and after that right to MB.

It was fun. I only took some essentials with me, because I thought we'd be there for two, three days. But we got home only today!  That's why I got myself some nail polish remover (the polish I was wearing chipped!!), MU remover and a clear nail polish.

The pretty packaged thing is a shimmer face powder. It has a nice detail pressed on it.

Plus I wasn't expecting any snow, so I had my chamois boots with me.. ._. my socks were always wet, well until yesterday when I bought the spray for boots.

And it was snowing. Like a lot! And man it looked great! I loveeee snow, even if my socks were wet!

I went to Lush (we got only two lush stores in Slovenia, one is in Maribor and the other is in Ljubljana) and realized that hand made cosmetics can be really pretty!

I got myself four things + a can (T'eo, Baby face, Coalface, Sexy boy).
I love them all! They smell great and I can't wait to get myself a soap.. yummy!

The Sexy boy is HOT. I mean it is shaped like a ginger man and smells delicious. Like some citrus + chocolate, a really interesting smell that fades into a vanilla scent. But sadly it's a LE.

T'eo is a deodorant, but it doesn't stop sweating (anyway none of those kinds of deodorants worked on me anyway) and I really like the fact that it doesn't let the nasty smell to develop! Plus it smells really unisex, lemon stuff like. It is maybe a bit hard to work with (as in it comes without a package).

Baby face is a great make up remover! I love love love it! :D

Coalface is a bit rough, and it dries my skin, so I only use it on certain areas as my nose, but it works well for my body!

The sad thing about lush is that here it's quite expensive. ._.

We didn't even go to the store, to buy some stuff to cook -_- Noope, we ate in restaurants, then here and there in McDonald's...  it isn't really weird that I gained weight, lol.

But it was super fun! Super super super fun! Hopefully I will go to Lush at the end of this month, to get a nice smelling body soap.

And today, on the trip home, my dear got me the cutest bear ever!

It was fun, and I already miss the place! :)


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