The craziest shoes I own!

Today I won't write anything about my NOTD, EOTD or anything similar..

I will show you my craziest shoes. :)!
I bought them for the sole purpose of photo shoots. But this time I lent them to my dear, because he needed them for a specific photo theme.

Here they are :)!
The photo is a courtesy of my dear, Luka Rebol. The model is Rina, and the shoes are mine.

I read so many guides on how to learn to walk in them.. but damn, when she tried them on, she could walk in them as if she was born in them?!

I was trying to learn how to walk in them, so I wouldn't kill myself during some a photo shoot.
But now.. hmm am I weird or what? It took me a couple of months of practice, to be able to stay in them for longer periods, and I still haven't tried walking in them. Omg.

But you have to admit, that they are damn interesting!
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