Orange, Updated

Aka orange disaster.

Yes, the ultimate disaster! Two days ago I dyed my hair roots, back to blond. And in some parts my hair got grayish white. Nothing special, right? Well this time I hated it, and decided to use another dye on my hair.

Think about it this way, this time I was almost WHITE. So after the white disaster, I got the most gentle color in the lightest shade available in that drugstore. It was a bit orange, but I thought that I always wanted to be a red hair, so I went for it.

Hmm... bad idea. Yesterday night I dyed my hair again, this time at my bf's place. Instead of a gentle orange/red I got a stronger red than I expected.

So I went from the ultimate blond (the pictures were taken from my actual photos) to some reddish thing..

My boyfriend likes it but hates my fringe, my sister loves it, and I..  I hate it? Well not really, since I'll have to live with such hair for the next 8 weeks (hopefully less).

Now I don't know how to do my make up, I mean with blond hair it really didn't matter, but now..  damn!

And what do you think?

EDIT: Some of you said that it is a nice strawberry blonde, and then I realized that the photo kinda sucked. It was taken at night, in bad lightening, and fixed in photoshop so the light could show. This is why today I got another picture for you, taken in daylight (even if it's shitty, cloudy for the 2nd week).

Here is the color in natural light:

It is a bit more red/orange than the first picture shows... I'm learning to like my hair color.. :D

Still, it's a damn hard color to capture in the camera! But it will eventually fade, so ok..


  1. I kinda like it! It's sort of a strawberry blonde :) x

  2. Oh, I love the color :D What's your problem with makeup? Pink, green, gray and blue shades are ok, I think :)


  3. I like it.. and i like the fringe! The color means you get to try different make-up... its a great change to make for fun!! You look great!

  4. I like your bangs. And you look very nice in this color. Fresh, stylish... very nice ^^

  5. I like this colour, and it looks good on you. You really shouldn't be dissapointed.

  6. hey, not bad at all! this colour is much prettier than the 'usual' blonde!

  7. I really like it, it's such a pretty colour! =)

    And its good that you have a unique sense of fashion. I just dress like a lot of other chinese girls =_= evidently.

    Normally I don't see girls wearing the same as me though since I tend to buy them from Shanghai, so it's rare to see someone wearing the same thing as me in the UK. xD

  8. Jian: Thank you! Oh you buy them from Shanghai? ;o That's so good, I wish I could buy mine from there too,.. xD But I guess nothing would really fit me .D

    Duckalicious: Thank you! It's interesting, yes... but it's a true carrot color, the light in the picture sucks!

    Biba: Thank you dear, it will wash of pretty quickly I think. I mean, I heard that red is a high end color to maintain...

    Aralka: Thank you, I cut them yesterday, I didn't wear glasses/contacts, so it's weird that I still have my eyes.. :P

    Tali: Thank you dear, it is quite difficult for me to try something new, and be worries about it matching with everything else.. ._. It sucks!

    Guida: Thanks! I have tried pink and it looked amazing, gray it was ok, depending on the shade really... blue hmm, still need to, but I guess it could be really interesting! :D

    Lu: Yap, in those pictures it looks like that, but it's more of a true orange.. x.X

  9. Well, I have to get used to your new layout. It's clearly arranged but still a challenge for me. Yay, I'm silly and I'm proud of it. *lol* Actually, I like your hair. So don't worry, the hair colour and hairdo is nice and looks great on you. I think you can still wear colourful make-up without looking cheap and unsexy. ;-) XOX


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