Review: SweetScrents Green Tea Overnight Rejuvenation

Aka "Lurchi".
I call it this way too, even if the idea is not mine at all. If I not mistaken, it's Katja's idea from Carodejka.
She calls it Lurchi because of the Adams Family. When you put on Lurchi, you look just like them. :)

It comes in various sizes, but I have it in two different styles. A 30g jar and a 3g one. The 3g jar is from Carodejka and the 30g jar is from Sweetscents.

The bigger jar is still unopened, but it's the same thing. I just thought if was so essential, to have it stocked up.

What does it do?

It dries out acne. Some claim it's a miracle product and with its use, their acne is gone overnight. But for me, sadly, it's not like that. I have to apply it for a couple of days to remove the acne completely.

Usually, when I have breakouts the acne stays on my face for 14 days +. Honestly, it is terrible. But with Lurchi the time shortens to maybe 1-week max (if I scratch the evil marks on my face!), or if it's just an under a skin pimple then maybe a day, two.


All you have to do is to apply it on the pimple. So it doesn't show up, at all. That means if you have more such 'zones', that in the end, you WILL look like someone from the Adams Family! :D

I use it this way:
Clean my face,
apply toner,
apply Jojoba oil (because if you overuse Lurchi, it will leave you dry patches, plus I love the effect that Jojoba oil gives to my skin),
apply Lurchi where needed.

And when you're done with those steps, just go to sleep. Or do whatever you want.
My dear still isn't used to seeing me with this powder on my face! He gets scared every single time. So jumping around your family/dears is maybe an option just for the brave people. ;)

I don't use it every day. Just when I get breakouts.

If nothing else, the pimple doesn't hurt next day. So I don't have to touch it. Yes, I have that bad damn habit!

+It dries out acne
+If you continue using it (if it didn't work completely the first night) the acne is gone!
+The price
+A small bit goes a long way
+Comes in a version for dry skin (I have the normal to oily)

-If used constantly for a couple of days without a nice base cream, it may leave you with dry skin patches.
- It is green, it scares my boyfriend.

Price: 4/5 ♥♥♥♥  (sweet scents)

I got mine for $13.49, from Sweetscents for 30g. Normally it is $26.99. Now they're still having the promotion for the lowest price of $13.49.

Price: 2/5 ♥♥ (carodejka)

The 3g jar is from Carodejka, where I got it for 7€ ($10). 

Rating:  5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥

I do not leave my home without it. I mean, if I know that I will sleep over. Honestly, it helped me so much, that I forgot how it is to have a damn zit on your face for 14 days ( I have got really sensitive skin, and everything shows on it pretty quickly too).
I am pretty happy for the discovery of 'Lurchi'. It works well for me, and I would recommend it to everyone with breakouts on their face/body. It is also available in dry skin version.

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