NOTD: Maybelline 180

Today I got bored of my orange nails (and I somewhat managed to chip them anyway).
I used my sister's Maybelline in 180 (Rose Fuchsia Rosy Pink).

I had no real problems with the apply, I put on two coats of the nail polish. The brush was a bit off, chunky, but yet thin, and the bristles were all over 'the place'.

But it wasn't too hard.

The color is really pretty, I just find it a bit boring..  I mean, c'mon I need to update it anyway! Now that I have nail art brushes, I have to use them, no? ;)


  1. I really love this color:)

  2. What a classic color; I love it!

  3. Hey thanks for the comment! Here's the link for the nail canes:

  4. hey hun! thanks for your sweet comment on my heartbreak post. im sure it's not just the outfit. i guess the fact that i didn't listen to him after we've discussed before that I shouldnt wear sexy outfits out. i know im at fault but still i hope he should me more mature about it and try to talk things out instead making me feel like this. i hope i dont have to wait long for him to call. maybe ur right i dont need him to be happy. thanks for the concern luv ((huggs))


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