Halloween wearable make up + food pictures

Hello dear readers! As first, I'd like to thank ALL of you for still following me... I cannot believe that I've reached 220 followers! Thank you, so MUCH! *love* For the weekend, I was gone. I went to MB, and had lots of fun ;). I wore an interesting wearable Halloween look for work... Let me show you: I used the following eye shadows: Lime Crime in Cleopatra Sweet Scents in Teal Shimmer It was a quick work, so it may look a bit undone.. And for the trip to MB I wore this MU: I used: Lime Crime Lime Criminal Lime Crime Mermaid I also used Revlon Fake lashes (I'm a newbie when it comes to false lashes, but there were super comfortable and easy to apply!). And now lets move to food porn! Yes, I love posting food pictures, for some really odd reason.. I mean, it's odd because I get hungry just by looking at the damn pictures!! Banana chimichanga: Ice cream... for only 90c! Here you get only 1/4 of that portion for 1.20€! And... super yummy Hedgehog! This one was super delicious! It was so good, that we took one for our trip back home... I hope you enjoyed my today's post, and please stay tuned... Oh and I really don't like how LC works, when it comes to repackaging, but honestly I have so many eye shadows from her, and I do have to use them up.. xoxo, Tamara
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