Halloween wearable make up + food pictures

Hello dear readers! As first, I'd like to thank ALL of you for still following me... I cannot believe that I've reached 220 followers! Thank you, so MUCH! *love* For the weekend, I was gone. I went to MB, and had lots of fun ;). I wore an interesting wearable Halloween look for work... Let me show you: I used the following eye shadows: Lime Crime in Cleopatra Sweet Scents in Teal Shimmer It was a quick work, so it may look a bit undone.. And for the trip to MB I wore this MU: I used: Lime Crime Lime Criminal Lime Crime Mermaid I also used Revlon Fake lashes (I'm a newbie when it comes to false lashes, but there were super comfortable and easy to apply!). And now lets move to food porn! Yes, I love posting food pictures, for some really odd reason.. I mean, it's odd because I get hungry just by looking at the damn pictures!! Banana chimichanga: Ice cream... for only 90c! Here you get only 1/4 of that portion for 1.20€! And... super yummy Hedgehog! This one was super delicious! It was so good, that we took one for our trip back home... I hope you enjoyed my today's post, and please stay tuned... Oh and I really don't like how LC works, when it comes to repackaging, but honestly I have so many eye shadows from her, and I do have to use them up.. xoxo, Tamara


  1. nice EOTDs! really colorful! and that ice cream is just droolworthy!

  2. Your eye makeup is fantatic. Love the false lashes. Those desserts look so good. Especially the first one. Yummy!

  3. Crystal: Thanks girl! The ice cream was delicious, but sadly I couldn't eat more than a full spoon of it.. ._. I was already full, and I didn't expect to get so much ice cream for so cheap..

    Lucy: Thank you, I'll do a review about the false lashes in a couple of weeks, because I need to test them out, and take pictures, lots of them!
    Ohh the chimichangas were delicious, but I liked the cute hedgehod so much more..

  4. Hiya! The eye make ups are so lovely, especially the 1st one (orange plus green = amazing colour combo)! Btw, don't always show such yummy things. I'm on a diet! ;-)

  5. Lovely look! The falsies in the second picture looks so good on you!!

    And the Banana chimichanga looks so yummy! Actually, everything looks so yummy. The hedgehog is so cute too =D

  6. pretty~ wish I could wear color like that >.<

    haha chimichanga! isn't it dickachanga XDD sorry! but...wow it's purposefully like that =)
    now I'm hungry...not from the chimichanga, but the others...I want icecream! Now! T_T

  7. Mary in Wonder: Oh shut up! xD I thought the exact same thing when I got the chimichanga.. :) But then agan, I'm kinky, ahhaah.. :))

    And don't tell me about it, I get hungry whenever I see food pictures, and so I wonder why I post them..! :P


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