Today.. I'm uttery disappointed about LC

Because, honestly I had no idea that Lime Crime is a fu**ing rip off! I was so naive that I thought that she may have really mixed her own mineral eye shadows. And now lipstick Hell, I mean I was utterly devoted to her company, I have about 20 eye shadows from her, and... now that I know that she's just repacking it from another company and selling it for so much more... Well I feel an idiot. I have a students budget, and honestly I wish I could knew it before.. I mean, now I know that there's not just LC when it comes to mineral eye shadows, but.. daaamn! So, what am I talking about? Please read here. Now I am utterly disappointed and I honestly don't know what to think. I feel cheated, and.. well yes, stupid. I still have to sleep over this information, but hell.. these articles made everything a bit clearer.. I'm not saying that her products are not good, I'm saying that you could get them cheaper from TKB Trading.. F*** it..
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