Today.. I'm uttery disappointed about LC

Because, honestly I had no idea that Lime Crime is a fu**ing rip off! I was so naive that I thought that she may have really mixed her own mineral eye shadows. And now lipstick Hell, I mean I was utterly devoted to her company, I have about 20 eye shadows from her, and... now that I know that she's just repacking it from another company and selling it for so much more... Well I feel an idiot. I have a students budget, and honestly I wish I could knew it before.. I mean, now I know that there's not just LC when it comes to mineral eye shadows, but.. daaamn! So, what am I talking about? Please read here. Now I am utterly disappointed and I honestly don't know what to think. I feel cheated, and.. well yes, stupid. I still have to sleep over this information, but hell.. these articles made everything a bit clearer.. I'm not saying that her products are not good, I'm saying that you could get them cheaper from TKB Trading.. F*** it..


  1. Awww. I'm sorry to hear this. I've heard about the mineral makeup repackaging too and it really disappoints me too as I'm already in love with mineral makeup. Turns out some company just wants to rip us off. :(

  2. when lime crime came out and when i started reading her blog, i was like, oh wow this looks awesome! but then i saw the prices and i said wth? it was just overpriced imo. then we learn about her just repackaging! oh man. sorry i know you're upset.

  3. Fifi: Yah, I've heard about repackaging today.. And it saddens me a lot.. But now I know from where to buy! TBS Trading. They sell nice sample bags, and that's the thing I'll get. 1,50$ for one. And I wonder if it's really 1g in it, because that's just as much as you get in LC pots (okay the older version).

    Yah, some companies don't care about costumers, just about money. I have read that one of the best ways to tell if a company sells refills is to see what they sell. If it's only eyeshadows with maybe a couple of other products (as lets say pixe dust), then you could guess it's a refill company.. BLEH!

    Ida: Yah, me too. When I first read about the make up on her blog, I was like WOW! I MUST have everything! And I almost do have everything now.. but I learned that I could've gotten them all for maybe 30$ instead of 200€ ._.
    Ahh I'm so upset, I guess everything is good for a thing. This one, is for the sake of knowledge. I have learned to google everything first.. ahh!

  4. wow that's a shame that she would do that...not cool at all!

  5. oh... she is stupid. :< and totally unfair.

  6. W O W ! What an evil money hungry bitch! I hope she chokes on her chump change! You don't do that to people, especially not loyal customers who value that fact that you put your time into making some kind of valuable item that they are willing to pay theur hard earned money for it! Ugh....shes disgusting!

  7. P.S. I'm gunna post about this as well, thank you for letting us know! (those of us who did not know yet)

  8. I used to follow her blogazine.....& got tired of for posting about this....

  9. arght! Prasica kakšna je! Sem te linkala :)

  10. I just tagged you for a color tag! The color is grey (=

  11. Awww, sorry to hear that. Ugh, hope all goes well with you. Some people just have cash as the apple of their eye...Sad.

  12. I've been on the Lime Crime site many times. I almost ordered but never did. I'm so glad I didn't. Thanks for posting about it.

  13. Lucy: Yah, I wished I didn't order from her too. Now I have to use the eyeshadows, but oh well.. I have so overpaid for something I thought she did..

    Lisa: Yah, that's so true.. sompe people care only about money :(.

    Gaby: Thanks for the tag! I have to write is somewhere, before I forget xD!

    Parisky: Ja itak da je, sicer pridno brise vse komentarje na ta racun, ampak ja biatch!

    Adin 22: Thanks for the comment! I still didn't get tired of the blog, because she has some nice ideas, but yah.. that's pretty much acting..

    Katrina: You're so right, hopefully lots of people will get to know about it.. especially loyal customers, that got fooled..

    Aralka: Yeah, but it's good that I got to know about it now, I wanted to order a couple of lipsticks from her, but now I changed my mind..

    Caramel Diva: True, but sadly she did it.. but lets wait and see what will happen in the future..


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