Eva's Make Up

I wanted to show you a makeup look I did last week... It was actually pretty simple, except that before that I didn't really use black eyeshadow in such quantity. Like ever... And you probably all know what happens when the fallout hits the skin? It gets messy!! I was asked to a strong black eye and dark lips. Unfortunately, the flashes didn't want to cooperate with me, so here it looks like she has red lips. But she was wearing Eyeko Raspberry, which gave her a purplish brown lip color.

The look:

Of course, the final pictures are probably way different that this one,... xD I took it just to post it on the blog.. ;). But again, I have no idea since I just did the MU and then she went to the photo set alone. This is it for today, I'm feeling lazy, the weather is weird so I cannot take pictures of the stuff I have to review on my skin... blah! Have fun, Tamara
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