FOTD: Test Drive and NOTD: Starry Sky

I currently have super short nails, but for two weeks I didn't do a thing with them.. So I decided to mix my own nail polish and put it on! I used an almost Essie Good To Go, S-he 463 and Nfu Oh 61. I am actually curious how it will look under the day light.. NOTD: Close Up: And now to the FOTD. I was testing a look (this was damn quick, I applied black eye shadow over my other eye shadow - the one I was wearing for the whole day, because I'm lazy and then put on Eyeko Raspberry Fat Balm). I was trying to recreate a look I'll do for another girl tomorrow. Oh, we'll see.. we'll improvise.. FOTD: Do excuse the annoyed face, I hated the fact that I did the MU so late, that I had to use FLASH, so my face looks SHINY! And yah, it looks I have no eyebrows! :)
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