FOTD: Test Drive and NOTD: Starry Sky

I currently have super short nails, but for two weeks I didn't do a thing with them.. So I decided to mix my own nail polish and put it on! I used an almost Essie Good To Go, S-he 463 and Nfu Oh 61. I am actually curious how it will look under the day light.. NOTD: Close Up: And now to the FOTD. I was testing a look (this was damn quick, I applied black eye shadow over my other eye shadow - the one I was wearing for the whole day, because I'm lazy and then put on Eyeko Raspberry Fat Balm). I was trying to recreate a look I'll do for another girl tomorrow. Oh, we'll see.. we'll improvise.. FOTD: Do excuse the annoyed face, I hated the fact that I did the MU so late, that I had to use FLASH, so my face looks SHINY! And yah, it looks I have no eyebrows! :)


  1. I love that franken, it is just so sparkly!

  2. Gorgeous colour! Very striking.

  3. Oh girl, you look FIERCE!!! Work that camera ;D

    && I love the polish, it looks so glittery! Just like something I'd love to wear

  4. Wow..I love your nail polish!!!! I wanna go and grab one of this color too..

  5. Waw! I love the nail polish. Look great...I wish I had it:)

    And love the MU. It reminds me of modern runway looks that go with blazers with shoulder pads.

  6. Love your franken. Looks like a holo. Your makeup reminds me of the MAC black makeup. I love your annoyed face! You look amazing.

  7. Lucy: Thanks! The nail polish actually is a mix between a true holo and a classic polish, so it is has a very well visible holoc effect!

    Amarena: Thank you! I'll try to check how much of each nail polish I used, and then I'll tell you how to mix your own, ok? :)

    Josephinechoo: Thank you! To be honest, I'm not really into blue nail polishes, but as long as it shines, I love them!

    Dana Yoshimizu: Thank you! ^^ Fierce, yah..
    The nail polish isn't all that visible under 'neon' light.. it's really well visible under flash and natural sun light..

    Ceecile: Thank you dear, I'm glad you like it!

    Rin: Thanks!

    Gildedangel: Thank you! It is so sparkly, that it is actually holographic!

  8. Wowow! That's pretty cool mixing! It's really pretty and sparkly!! =D

    And also I really like the FOTD! Especially the berry lippie. The smudged black looks great on your lids too! And actually it looks better I think that your eyebrows are really light and natural otherwise the look would be too heavy.

  9. Love the polish, it has amazing sparkle!

    FOTD is super cool and frankly, the annoyed look actually made it look all the more dramatic. It's a win!

  10. Ooh! Your nails look so sparkly! And your look looks so funny! No eyebrows!! Now I know how important our brows are ^.^


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