Full day + Ligh box Case

Today has been a really interesting day! I went with my dear to Ljubljana and then to Kranj.
My dear had some stuff to do there, and in Kranj we went to see the Light tents/boxes and the Light Case.

I thought we'd get only a light tent and that would be it.. but nooo we got all three of them! I can't wait to try out the light tents (80x80cm and 50x50cm)!

I have already tried the Light Case, and here are some test pictures.
I wanted to have it, for all the beauty products, because a day ago we went to the studio to take pictures of some cosmetics, and it was damn annoying. It was lots of improvising, but now we finally got everything we need!

I always dreamed about a light tent, I actually wanted to build my own... :)

The case:

Test photos:

They came out pretty well, I think. Of course there's some learning, but the basic is this :)!

We also went to the Running Sushi&Wok restaurant (it's an all you can eat kind of restaurant), and we ate LOTS of stuff. This time I took pictures!

Bah! While I was cropping the pictures,.. I got hungry! Now you'll see why..

The soup:

It wasn't all that good. It was too sour and too spicy!



Yummm! The chocolate thing was super good! I WANT MORE!!

I also got some super cute bras and one smart bra (yah, it's super smart xD It remembers the shape of your breasts), which is really comfortable.

Well this will be it, for today...
Feel free to leave comments, I'll be happy to read each of them!



  1. wow, do you like sushi? I really do!

  2. Oh dear! It's morning here for me and now I want sushi! That looks so delicious!!!

  3. Mmmm zdaj sem tudi jaz lačna! :) Smart bra? A to je tisto kar so američani interpretirali kot da se vidi kdaj je ženska ... :P

    Drugače pa jaaaa tale box

  4. Ahhh :D The chocolate thing exists here and it's called bomboca :P And it's easy to find a pack with maybe 6 of them for less than 1€

    And it's a reallyyyy old sweet :P


  5. The soup looks like hot and sour soup. It's supposed to taste spicy and vinegary. It's my favorite. I've never eaten sushi but it looks good. Nice photos.

  6. Lucy: Yah, it's that kind of soup, but I guess I'm a little spoiled, because I've eaten such a good soup that tasted completely different, but looked the same... But yah, the taste is as you described!

  7. Wow! I want the light box/tent and case too!! They're soo professional looking! Now I know how these pictures work!! ^.^ I WANT ONE! xP

    And OMG! SUSHI! I love Japanese food. *drools*
    & the desserts look so yummy!!



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