EOTD: Night and Day

Hello! It's been a while since I showed you a make up look, so today I'd like to show you two make up looks. The pictures could be better, but in the dark it's best to use flash settings, so my skin looks shiny... The Night MU: I used the CS 88 Shimmer palette. I wanted to go only with purple, but my sister insisted that I should use some green, to spice everything up. Fine :) You can see my contact lenses, and some bloody eyes, I was wearing my contacts for 12+ hours... Day MU: I tried to keep it simple. I used one chocolate shiny brown eye shadow by Alima Pure and a sparkling Diamond eye shadow by the same company. I liked the result, but the weather wasn't so shiny as my make up was. How do you like them? xoxo, Tamara
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