Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette + news!

Hello, dear followers!
Today I have finally received my order from loooong loooong ago - CS 88 Shimmer palette. I already have the 88 matte palette, but I wanted to own both of them.

I bought them with the intention to use them only for me, mwahha.. but then my dear asked me to do the MU on some girls, so I changed my mind and I'll be using them mostly on others. I will test them out before, oh of course! I must say that I like this palette more than the matte one. Why? It's obvious, I love the sparkling and glittering stuff. The cover is still the old' fancy thing. Everything is the same as in my other review (which means a matte cover that gets dirty really easily, and the inside which is not matte but glossy, and also gets dirty easily, but it's really easy to clean as in the opposite to the matte cover). The palette is very pigmented, and of a nice texture too. Let's move to some pictures, alright?
The palette:

Close Ups:

On my fingers (not too well visible, for which I'm quite sorry):

What to say, the palette is nice shimmery, not too much, and not with huge pieces of glitter. Nope, it is shimmery and not glittery. It's actually perfect!

There are also some upcoming reviews from my side.. Let me show you a sneak peak...

Dr. Dima's Cosminology Correctors
They have the cutest warning ever! It says WARNING! Regular use may cause excessive skin admiration resulting in skin envy.
One is a color corrector for under eyes circles and the other is a concealer for under eyes circles.

They also included a goodies bag ;). If you stay tuned you'll be able to read how to get one with every purchase ;).


Super, no? The next review that is still waiting on me is about Alima Pure eyeshadows. I'll keep the words for the review and just show you some pictures. Classic Jewel Box

Modern Jewel Box:

So stay tuned! ;) P.S. These pictures were taken with my new cam.. not bad. I have some food porn to show you later, that was taken with it too ;)!! xoxo, Tamara
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