Review: Revlon Runway Collection Fake Nails in STELLA

♥~ Hello sweeties! ~♥ Here it is, part 2 of my Revlon Fake Nails reviews. You can read the first part here. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, but my 3rd review will be mostly made of pictures, cool no? This time, I had a bit more of experience with applying fake nails on my natural nails. I was prepared, I swear I was! I cut my nails super short, buffed them, cleaned them again and I was ready to go. This time, I didn't glue my fingers to my nails. I said I am more experienced now ;)! It was damn easy! I mean, each time you do it, the easier it becomes, and faster you do it. 

We're talking about these beauties:

I loved them, but they didn't like me at all. I got air bubbles, and since these nails are sheerer than the other ones (Sequins), they were really visible. But one coat of nude nail polish and it was gone. At least for others, but I could see it, tho it didn't bother me all that much. It wasn't THAT visible. These nails are really natural looking, no one doubted about them. No one. Not even my boyfriend. He liked them, yes he's a French manicure guy.

The set is classic: Orange stick (this time wooden), super size glue (and super strong too!), 24 fake nails, buffing file (that is pretty awesome too!).

Again, I had no problems with sizing my nails to the fake nails. They matched mine perfectly, no buffing was needed there. Perfect! I wore them for 7 days without a problem. Okay, I admit I lost a nail here and there (I AM clumsy, plus opening other people's phones is a hardcore task sometimes), but a quick buff and glue drop, and it was as good as new. Tho I always had my little box with me. That's one thing you really have to have with you when you're wearing fake nails. Even just for the relief feeling. Or safety feeling.

I loved the nails! The downside to all this is that after removal (again the worst kind of all - with my teeth!) there was some glue remaining on my nails. I couldn't get it off. Even with acetone. Not 100%, but close to. That's the only thing that destroyed my nails, glue. I had to buff them quite badly to remove all the glue. But the next time it may be another case since I'll try some glue removing products... I do recommend them, because, for less than 8$, you get your perfect manicure. I can't wait to see them in our stores.
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