Review: Eyeko Fat Balms

You all may remember the time when I ordered all three Eyeko Fat Balms. I was really excited about them. :) I think you all have at least heard about Eyeko, no? Eyeko has some amazing products, and the beauty of them is, that they are all really cheap (with some offers they are simply underpriced - and that's good for all buyers ), and with every purchase, you can get a freebie gift (with code: E4634). But today, I'll do a review about the three fat balms. They can be used as a blusher or a lip product.

  I think Eyeko has one of the cutes packages ever. SO CUTE! If I didn't rip off the boxes, I'd still be keeping them! They come in three shades. Raspberry which is a dark plum color with a brown undertone with a candy like smell, Strawberry which is red (and smells like strawberry candy too!) and Minty, which is a pinkish nude color, and smells like mint chewing gum.

From left to right: Strawberry, Minty, Raspberry.

Close up:

I have to admit. At first, I didn't like them at all. Why? Well because I was mostly planning on using the Minty balm for my lips, but I couldn't stand the smell. Minty chewing gums make me nauseous. But then I discovered the beauty of a cream blush! And now I'm hooked, I couldn't survive without them anymore!

Close up of the packages:

Yes, that's only 6 months of time to use them all :(. Pros: +The price +The smell (except the minty one) +The super adorable packages +The custom service of Eyeko +Fast shipping (I got them in a week) +Super resistant as a blush! +Cute as a lipstick (for that French bitten lips effect) +Great quality for the price Cons: -The smell of the Minty fat balm -The pigment of the Minty fat balm -As lipsticks they are not really 'feeding' for my lips -You have to use the product in 6 months

I was really looking forward to the Minty fat balm. That was the item that I wanted to get, but since they had a sale (3 for 2!), I bought them all. I love the other two, but the Minty... um not really. I'm still thinking if I should use it as a lipstick. Because honestly as a blusher it is too neutral to show on my skin. Well, of course, it shows up a little, but I like my blushers to be pigmented. And a lot. But I have to admit, it works pretty well as a lipstick, gives me a nice shine + a bit of rose lips and makes my lips feel fresh (because of the minty feeling). After all, it's not bad at all!


Price: 5/5
Rating: 4/5
I actually like them a lot. As a blusher, they (Raspberry and Strawberry) work perfectly and are pigmented more than enough. With this rate, I think they could last me a couple of years.. :D With just a tiny amount I get the effect I wanted, and I love it. I must say that these little things are really really resistant as blushers. I wore it 10 hours + and they looked as if I only applied it! Gorgeous! I would recommend them to someone who doesn't like reapplying blush because it'd vanish over the hours (and we all know that some makeup just does vanish!).

Minty on lips:

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