Review: Eye Majic

Have you heard? They say, “practice makes perfect.” There is no need for practice when applying Eye Majic, as perfection is achieved every time! It can’t be any simpler. Any user error can easily be rectified by blending with the back of the applicator. It can be used anywhere at any time, without the need of a mirror. It takes less than 10 seconds to apply and users can keep up with the latest colors, fashions, trends and designs. The next generation of eye shadows is born.
  It's Eye Majic!

 Can you believe it? Can you? Plus it's really easy to use. You don't believe? Let me show you... Three steps:

Step 1: Apply Important: Close your eyelid, then raise your eyebrow to give a flat surface for better application. Using both hands hold the Eye Majic applicator on the base of the eyelid for approx 4 seconds.
Step 2: Slide Then by applying comfortable pressure, slide the applicator across your eyelid in the appropriate direction to achieve a sharp look.
Hint: To avoid outlines, use the back of the applicator to blend or tone the applied area for a softer look.
Step 3: Go To achieve a different look you can also apply a second applicator of a different color over the existing eye shadow to achieve a new unique style.
Tip: Any user error can easily be rectified by blending with the back of the applicator.
It's done. So quickly, it's almost magic! Now lets move on to the package..

  Those are the big boxes of 5 applications in it:

 A gentle smoky eye and a brown smokey eye.
  Out of the box:

 You can see that each application is made from three different eye shadows. A dark one, a lighter one and a highlighter eyeshadow.
  This time I'll show you the smokey eye.

  Close Up:

It's interesting, isn't it? :) You can see how thin it is..

The application without blending:

With blending:

  Comparison between both:

On one side I used eye primer and on the other I didn't but the shadows showed with the same intensity, so a primer is not a must!
You know you've done it right when..

The applicator sponge is empty! This smokey eye is really subtle, so it could work as a day make up for me. With some eye pencil and gel liner it came out really pretty!

+ It's simple to use.
+Quick to use (especially if you're a MU newbie)
+Great idea!! +Something new on the market!
+It comes in a box with 5 packages OR in a box of 2 packages (one has 1 apply for each eye)

-The price (It's about 11€ for a big box, but if you hardly use any makeup, it's a good thing, since you won't use like 60 boxes per year)
-The first time it's not that easy to use, the second time you're a true pro!
  Rating: 4 /5
Price: 3/5
I like it, because it's innovative! I wouldn't use it on a daily basis, because I have almost always the time to apply make up on. I would use them only when I would be in a real hurry, but in a such hurry, that I'd be doing my make up on the way to the place I'd have to go. You can pick from lots of color choices! You can use two eye shadows on one eyelid, to get new combinations every time! It's a great way to experiment.
In Slovenia you can buy it in Beautique and Maxi stores.

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