Essence Haul and updates

Yesterday I found some time, right after work to buy some Essence items. Some of them are going out of production so they are discounted to 0.99€.
I had to stock on the Quick Nail polish Dry spray and The Pure Skin Chest and Back spray. Both work wonderfully, so yah. I need to have a couple before I find a substitute for them.. I also got myself Essence Mineral Powder in two shades. One is 02 Soft Sand and the other one is 01 Soft Beige. In the containers both look quite dark, but on my skin they look OK! And as you know, I'm quite pale. And as the last one I got myself the Black Long Lasting Khol pencil. It lasted on my waterline for looooong hours! Who wouldn't love that?! And remember, each one of them was only 0.99€! The cookie like thing is a mirror that I got today, which I ordered from Ebay a couple of weeks ago. I also ordered the white eye pencil, to recreate the white inner corners that are so popular among ulzzang girls. It really does make my eyes appear bigger, but mostly brighter and less tired. Now, moving to different topics. I ordered a Ultrasonic Lens cleaner, that should clean contact lenses really well, almost a month ago. I paid for shipping 18$. And what? The dude said (after asking him what's the estimated shipping time), that it will take 4-8 WEEKS to arrive. WTF? I mean, I paid 18$ of shipping so he would send it the slowest way possible?! Next time I'll know that the cheapest thing isn't the best one,... GRRR! Plus the seller is quite rude, I don't like that. And I'm a patient customer. Another thing that's under the question is my circle lens order. You remember, the 8 pairs of circle lenses? Yah? Well there are some problems with the quantity ordered and with T-Top... But at least the seller here is really nice and explains everything. Bleh! I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but you know.. Tomorrow is the last day of my working week! :D I'm so happy! SO happy! I can't even tell how happy I am! Have fun! xoxo, Tamara


  1. Hey! I've just nocticed that you also have a cute blog so I had to visit it. On the one hand I'm sad that some Essence items are discontinued but on the other hand I'm looking forward to trying the new ones. Have you already seen them? It's amazing. Here's the link (don't worry, no spam):
    Fantastic, right?
    All the best

  2. hudoo.. kje pa si to kupovala?

  3. Thanks for the compliments on the lipstick monster. :-)Great news by Essence, right? Unfortunately, I don't know if the old e/s palettes are discontinued as I wasn't that keen on them. But don't be too impatient. There are lots more e/s palettes available very soon. And again no spam:

    Just have a look at the palettes. They remind me of the Catrice Haute Coleur e/s palette, especially the 1st on the left. If you'd like to get to know Catrice, you gotta buy it/ them. :-)


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