Review: Dvorec Trebnik Avocado Creamy Gel

I know that soo much time has passed since I bought this product. But honestly, I wanted to love it, and I thought it would grow on me over time. Well, it didn't!

Product name:
Dvorect Trebnik Avocado Creamy Gel for hands 
Content: 200ml 
Price: 6-8€ 

I couldn't resist the action where it was 40% off all Dvorec Trebnik products. Honestly, who could? The lip balms worked perfectly for me, so I hoped this cream would too but.. No. When I apply it on my dry hands it gives me some relief for about two minutes and then the feeling gets worse. Yep, worse! I get the feeling like I rubbed my hands into dust. EW! But that's not the worst part. It has a really strong smell, like soap or something similar. It reminds me of those always smelling good older ladies. But if I apply it on my hands before I go to sleep, I feel sick. It's totally disgusting.

But I'm that kind of person that I want that product could work for me so I mostly use them up. But not this one, I tried to love it, but honestly, I hate it. I will use it up tho. Pros:
+The design, the pump makes it easier to get the product out.
After some shaking, the product came out in massive amount!

- The smell, it makes me feel sick (tho after a couple of months you don't smell it that hard anymore) - The feeling it leaves you with
- The price 
- The ingredients. It says it's natural and bio and that crap but it has SOAP in it and lots of synthetic perfumes. WTF?!

Rating: / 0/5 - YES it's THAT bad!

I hate it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, not even to the people I dislike. It makes my hands even MORE dry, it's pricey and it's so not worth the price. It says it's made from natural ingredients but that's pure BS!
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