I want a haircut, help!

So.. It's been a while since I got my hair cut. Yep a while. And I've been longing for a hair cut.. for a month I think. I'm dreaming about something quite shorter, cute in an asian style. I leanred that I have a round face so short (except super pixie short cut) hair cut won't work for me..
I had in mind something like this: (on the last one I like her bangs)
I actually want it to look cute, and fresh. I'm really tired of my ol' long hair. My hair is so long that if I iron it, It gets in the medium part of my breasts. Hm. Any ideas girls? Can a caucasian girl actually look ok with asian hairstyles? Plus I have wavy hair naturally, which may be a problem? And it's thin but I've got LOTS of hair on my head, so yeah. Help me please,with cherry on top?
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