Haircut - Medium lenght EDIT!!

EDIT: I asked my dear if he could take some more normal pictures of me... Well here they are. Any ideas, how to make it work for me?
I took some tarrible photos, I need to take other ones, better ones. I guess I'll ask someone to do it.. But are you ready? To freak out? At first I loved the hairstyle, now... I don't know. In RL it looks better, but I still have to figure it out how to make it work. :( Fugly. Even if my dear says he loves it. I feel weird. All the people today were staring at me. But the hairdressed did a good job, it's just that.. I need to take better pictures. I'm fugly anyway D:!!


  1. love your hair!!! it looks like the kind you see in japanese magazines

  2. The haircut/hairstyle is very cute. I like it. =)

  3. I really REALLY love your hairstyle!!!!

    Cute,young,energetic and fresh!

  4. oOoOo... i love it tamara... very cute!

  5. your hair is so pretty and i love really looks good on you..they are staring at you because you are pretty,no worries

  6. YOu look sooo pretty with your new haircut. I like it better with your bangs down. It look very nice that way :)

  7. Soo cute! I love it so much. Much more sexy and fresh than longer hair!!

    If people stare its because you are looking hot and different! Remember in our part of the world ALL the girls have same long hair!! xx

  8. Thanks girls! I feel so self conscious now! It's terrible, I'm trying to get used to it now...

    But thank you for the lovely comments!
    I'm glad you like it, and don't think it's all that awfull..

    Tali: You're completely right, all the girls have long hair here..

  9. omg.. i absolutely love ur new look!! pretty!! :)

  10. fugly?!

    no way!
    you look like a doll,hun

    me wanna come over just to pinch your cheeks.
    love the 2nd & 3rd pic

  11. I like it it s very cute!i prefer the curles but maybe sleek will be good too!headbands now will look great on you!start shopping hair accessories!


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