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The last two weeks I went hauling here and there, but yesterday and today was some major haulage! I think I broke my project 20 pans a couple of times, but honestly.. I don't care :P. I mean who could resist -40% off, of a brand I wanted to try for ages?! Anyway here are the pictures! Dvorec Trebnik: Dvorec Trebnik hand cream and three lip balms. I love the strawberry one, but I can't stand the smell of the lime one, so I just gave it to my sis. They were all on -40% discount. First thing why I broke my project! Nail polishes: *Essence Into the Ocean LE! Diving on the sea or something like that, I am too lazy to check! *Essence Summer of Love another thing I can't remember the name *Essence nail art liner in silver! It's so pretty and precise! Creams: By now you all should know that I have a thing for hand creams. I use them for like 30x/day! *Ziaja Goat's milk hand cream (this one is greaaaat!) *Essence Refresh hand cream (I forgot to take a picture of the other - Yellow hand cream) *Nivea Soft LE (I just loved the packaging, ahem... I was looking for it like everywhere!) *Garnier Essentials Toner (I am running out of it!) Cute: These are super cute! I know that one day I'll be buying off Eki's site some adorable hair bows! <3!>Hair Stuff: I got excited over Japanese hairstyle, so I decided I need a curler! For the same reason I bought the other things too! :D It will be time for those looong dreamy curls, and not my natural curls which are just jungle like! Now tho the things I hauled yesterday on Ebay! Essie Neon 09 Collection: I don't even know why I needed to ask myself if I want them! I dreamed about them since they came out! But then I realized they won't come into my country, so I ordered a mini set of them via Ebay. I can't wait to try them out! Eyelashes curlier: This is some kind of an automatic eyelashes curlier. It sounds like fun + it was super cheap! HK necklace: A cute HK necklace! xD I think I may be obsessed, bu really I need to expand my necklaces collection (I currently have only 6 of them!). Nokia E71 hard case: I looove this one! Can't wait to get my phone back and to try it on. It's so pretty and I think it will make my white E71 even prettier! 2x Silicone case in hot pink: The same thing as above, tho this was a BOGO action! And as the last thing I ordered a pair of Geo contact lenses in Angel Green. I'm worried how I will look with them! Promo picture: I have naturally green eyes, but I want them to look BIGGER! I ordered them from Honey Color. Did you ever buy from them? So girls, were you hauling last week? ;) If yes, what did you buy?! The pictures from the ebay haul are not mine. They are taken from various sites - if you click on them you get redirected to the site!


  1. that hk necklace is so cuuuute! and the bow clips =] great haul!

  2. what a great huge haul. If you have a thing for hand creams, I have a thing for hand sanitizers. I have all kinds in different scents and what not lol.

    btw thats a really cute necklace. Im a big hello kitty fan. I always see one of those at my local mall but I never get the chance to buy it ugh!

  3. Dvorec Trebnik ma ful vredi stvari.
    Drugač pa maš pravo nakupovalno obsesijo, a ? ;)

    Mir in ljubezen!

  4. beba: Ja no, to je bilo bolj to da nisem par mesecev kupila nic kar bi si zelela in vecina reci je bila na moji WL ful casa :D!

  5. Can you post swatches from the essence polishes??

  6. I will post the swatches as soon as I get the nailpolishes!
    But since it's from the US, I think I'll have to wait a little less than a month! ;D

  7. Kje si pa kupila upogibalca trepalnic?

  8. Hej:)
    Sem nekako po pomoti našla tvoj blog in mi je zelooo všeč:) zanima pa me, kje si dobila te zadevice za nokia e71:) Tudi jaz imam takšno, pa bi zelooo rada imela tak ovitek:)


  9. Teja: Oj hvala ker si se oglasila ;)
    Kupila sem jih na ebayu, tisti silikonski stvori so bili zelo poceni in so precej uporabni. Ta plasticna oblekica je karnekaj, ker ne tesni dobro in se ne prilega tocno :(. Varianta na eni strani imam 1mm lufta in me moti! Se pa da dobiti na eni strani (ce te zanima ti dam link) kjer ti naredijo kompletno nalepko za tvoj telefon. Spredaj, zadaj... po zelji motiv. Cena je pa cca 17€ brez postnine.

  10. Hej:)
    Uf si pa hitra:)... oh, tole kupovanje prek ebaya mi ne gre:P oz. nisem še nikoli probala:)....drugače pa za nalepke vem (hvala), so me pa te silikonski stvori fasciniral:P...

    Moram en dan nest telefon na servis, ker se mi je v letu in pol uporabe cisto obrabila tipkovnica na dolocenih tipkah.... telefon je pa super :)))

    super blog imas:) si ze v mojih zaznamkih ... Moj blog pa ni tako zanimiv:P hehe ... če želiš lahko pogledaš:P


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