Shopping Spree

The last two weeks I went hauling here and there, but yesterday and today was some major haulage! I think I broke my project 20 pans a couple of times, but honestly.. I don't care :P. I mean who could resist -40% off, of a brand I wanted to try for ages?! Anyway here are the pictures! Dvorec Trebnik: Dvorec Trebnik hand cream and three lip balms. I love the strawberry one, but I can't stand the smell of the lime one, so I just gave it to my sis. They were all on -40% discount. First thing why I broke my project! Nail polishes: *Essence Into the Ocean LE! Diving on the sea or something like that, I am too lazy to check! *Essence Summer of Love another thing I can't remember the name *Essence nail art liner in silver! It's so pretty and precise! Creams: By now you all should know that I have a thing for hand creams. I use them for like 30x/day! *Ziaja Goat's milk hand cream (this one is greaaaat!) *Essence Refresh hand cream (I forgot to take a picture of the other - Yellow hand cream) *Nivea Soft LE (I just loved the packaging, ahem... I was looking for it like everywhere!) *Garnier Essentials Toner (I am running out of it!) Cute: These are super cute! I know that one day I'll be buying off Eki's site some adorable hair bows! <3!>Hair Stuff: I got excited over Japanese hairstyle, so I decided I need a curler! For the same reason I bought the other things too! :D It will be time for those looong dreamy curls, and not my natural curls which are just jungle like! Now tho the things I hauled yesterday on Ebay! Essie Neon 09 Collection: I don't even know why I needed to ask myself if I want them! I dreamed about them since they came out! But then I realized they won't come into my country, so I ordered a mini set of them via Ebay. I can't wait to try them out! Eyelashes curlier: This is some kind of an automatic eyelashes curlier. It sounds like fun + it was super cheap! HK necklace: A cute HK necklace! xD I think I may be obsessed, bu really I need to expand my necklaces collection (I currently have only 6 of them!). Nokia E71 hard case: I looove this one! Can't wait to get my phone back and to try it on. It's so pretty and I think it will make my white E71 even prettier! 2x Silicone case in hot pink: The same thing as above, tho this was a BOGO action! And as the last thing I ordered a pair of Geo contact lenses in Angel Green. I'm worried how I will look with them! Promo picture: I have naturally green eyes, but I want them to look BIGGER! I ordered them from Honey Color. Did you ever buy from them? So girls, were you hauling last week? ;) If yes, what did you buy?! The pictures from the ebay haul are not mine. They are taken from various sites - if you click on them you get redirected to the site!
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