NOTD and Garden fruits

So... I was pretty much bored today. I ate something gone bad and felt sick for a couple of hours. But I managed to take some pictures of some fruits from our garden. I wanted to take pictures of flowers, but I forgot that summer is coming to an end... My NOTD (nails are super short and it pretty bad condition):
This is not white nail polish, it's white acrylic paint. Why? Because it's cheaper, more pigmented and lasts longer! I'm wearing my Essie Punchy Pink. Now off to photos..
What was your Sunday like? NOTE: Remember, my images are clickable!


  1. i loveeeeee the pink its so pretty and that fruit looks soo yummy

  2. What a pretty pink nail polish! I love the cute dots!

  3. uuu granatna jabolka imamo?! mmm ju3 jih ne bo več! :)


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