EOTD: Pink Pudding

I bought the cutes pudding ever! It's pink and it comes in a box with a Fairy on it! And the best thing? It's pink and you get cute little stickers in every box, kawaii! ♥ Yum yum!
Hearts galore!
I wanted to make a make up look from it. At least the eye make up.. So I did. It feels unfinished tho..
I used: Lime Crime Primadonna (pink!) S-he light pink eyeshadow Lime Crime Nymph (shiny!) Black gel liner on the lower part of my lashes Mascara - It dried! Now I have to buy another one.. bye bye collagen mascara! What do you think? Isn't it just cute (the pudding not the make up).


  1. Lovely!!! this reminds of of Valentine's Day. hehe. =0

  2. the pudding looks so yummy!
    what a nice look:)

  3. I LOVE THE EYES!!! And the hearts on the desert are super cute!!

  4. The pudding looks too pretty to eat!

    I love the look you did. It reminds me of valentines day :)

  5. That pudding is amazing! I love the make-up, too. <3


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