Cutest tweezers ever, gel liner and so on....

Today I bough the cutest tweezers ever. Don't you believe me? Well, here they are!
  Miss Tweezie Tweezer - Jodie

Close up:

So.. isn't it cute?! A couple of days ago I ordered a gel liner from the net. It was cheap and it had good reviews. I paid a little less than 5$ for it. It is a no name gel liner and when I got it I was shocked!
Here's the reason why:

I got a fake MAC. Crazy. I didn't want a fake mac, I wanted a no brand good eyeliner. But okay, I said ookay, f* it and tried it. At that point, I didn't know that I need just a tiny bit of the product for both my eyelids. So I got it in my eyes, ew!! But now I finally learned how to use it correctly, and it works perfectly for me. Even if it's fake. Like super fake!
Can you read what's written on the container?

And do you remember when I promised you a better picture of my new hairstyle? Well, it's kinda here. But just kind of.


Have a nice day.. ;)
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