Small, but useful haul!

Yesterday during my lunch (1h pause from work) I went to our local store and grabbed a nail polish from Essence TE Made with Love. Love of my life: The day before, I didn't want to buy it, but after I read that it's great for konad, I had to have it! Close up of it on my nails over Essie Bold and Beautiful, impressive no?
After work I took my sister to the building where that drugstore is and I got a make up models book. Or more like a sketchbook. It's quite an useful thing. It's like those mac charts. I'm not sure about the mac charts but this thing has nothing like thin paper in it. It's a bit thicker and smooth.. The cute cute thing: But I mean, I could use the mac charts I have printed (like 60?), but I always need an excuse to buy something cute... plus I thought I'd get motivated to design some make up looks for contests.. Yah. Inside: I also bought a big sharpener because I had no idea with what to sharpen my glosses that are in a pencil shape... And of course lots of candy.. of which I didn't take any pictures because most of it, it's in my tummy already! So everyone, what was YOUR latest find?
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