Giveaways second part!

I know how you all girls out there love giveaways! So I'm posting some more that are currently going on. ^^ All these girls are super generous! 1. Beauty Snap Giveaway. Beauty Snap is having a giveaway because she reached 150+ followers! She is giving out some Japanese goodies. Ah that makes me drool, since I like asian skin care and make up products! There are 8 questions to answer!
- Open to everyone worldwide.
- All comment entries not related to this giveaway or do not follow all directions will be deleted! If you have a question, ask in the C-Box.
- ONE ENTRY PER CONTESTANT! Multiple entries will be deleted.
- Winner picked randomly by a generator.
- ENDING on August 20th, 2009 12:00AM EST. 2. The Polished Contest.
She is giving away three prizes! All are from the Beverly Beaute website! 1st prize - 3 nail polishes 2nd prize - 2 nail polishes 3rd prize - 1 nail polish To check her rules, click on the name of the contest! ^^ 3. Kym's Epic Giveaway! And this one IS epic! She'll be giving out items from some hand crafting artists here on blogger.. Such as DSK, Eki etc.. (just to name a few). Deadline is August 20th! 4. Amy Naree's 50+ Followers giveaway. She is giving away some lovely prizes! ^^ Here are her rules: 1. Must be a follower 2.Please leave a comment telling me how and why you got into blogging along with your email address. 3.You can double your chances to win if you post about my giveaway on your blog (you will be entered 2 times)! If you do please leave me a link to your posting :) Winners will be picked through on August 18th (my bday!!) So you have about 2 weeks to enter, good luck!! 5. BittenBefore's Mask giveaway She is giving away a pack of 7 face masks to one lucky lady!

- All entries to be in by 12th August [Wednesday]

- Open to international readers

- Must be a follower of my blog [to be fair to all the readers]

- To qualify, comment on this entry with the answer to the following 1. Your favourite entry from me 2. Tell me something you and i have in common. If its interesting, i might send u a random present even if u didnt win.

- You can get multiple chances by linking to this giveaway on your blog or twitter. But please comment AGAIN with the link so i know. One extra chance for writing on your blog and One extra chance if you write it on your twitter.

- Winner to be chosen by random number generator.

6. Blair's Giveaway! Another gorgeous prize pack! Rules: 1. Must be a follower of my blog. 2. One entry per person. You can double your chances of winning by posting an entry on your own blog advertising this giveaway. If you do so, please leave two comments, the first would be the answers to question #3 and the link in your second comment. You’ll only get one chance if you don’t leave two comments. 3. Leave a comment in this entry: a) Tell me a little something about yourself for e.g.: Hi, I’m Blair from Johor, Malaysia. I love eating cherries and I’m obsessed with eyeshadow palettes. b) Tell me what you think of my blog and how I can improve it - detailed answers please. 4. Open to everyone. 5. Giveaway ends 31/8/2009 11:59 pm Malaysian Standard Time. 7. Summer's First Giveaway! She has 3 rules! 1) U must be one of my followers ("click follow" now if u are not one) in my blog & twitter, share this giveaway news in your blog to your rest of your followers and add a link to my blog (compulsory!) Leave me a comment under this post indicating A) Your name B) Your Blog URL C) Entry URL D)Which prize u wish to have #1 or #2? 2) As u guys know i love Bags, so show me 2 pictures of your whole bag collections and 1 photo of your favorite bag/purse (u wish or own) with a short description why u like it the most in your blog.. (oh i can't wait to see your bag collection ladies out there) 3) A short description about what's your first impression of me when u first read my blog and guess my age? Be it a good or bad comment just tell me how you feel about me and i would like to see if i seriously need any anti age skincare. LOL (i am all ready with a pack of tissue just for sobbing). LOL Now off to my pictures for her entry (sorry I took the first two in a rush.. <.<> All bags (around 20?) all bags 2nd part (nooo it's not the same pic!) My fav bag has a scelly on the side: Detail: Detail 2: This is my fav bag because it's quite unusual. I mean it's red, leather and it's sharp in a way. It has scelly motive on it (+ some detail) and the scelly has shiny stones in the bones. Haaha... too cute! Now to the first impression: I think that you are a fun girl. You are a bit of obsessed with your dog, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. He must be the world's most spoiled dog :D! You have some of the most interesting business here on blogger and a loving hubby. I think you're one of the bloggers that are probably really sweet in person. Hmm.. your age? My guess is 23.
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