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Recently I ordered a couple of earrings from WinWin's store PrincessDiary Accessories!

Her store is new, so I'm trying to spread the word!
And all the prices are in SG$ and not in $, which I thought they were...

So, I've ordered three pair of earrings! I find all her designs to be really really cute! And the prices are really reasonable (and cheap!!).

The things I've ordered are (first pictures are from her store - the super pretty ones!, others are mine).

1. Pink Pearly "+" Chandelier

The price for these babies is SG$7.90 which is 5.50$! Cheap, no?

Modeled on my plant pot:

On ear:

Another angle:

2. Sweet Princess Pearl Drop Earrings

Those are priced at SG$ 7,90 which is 5,50$.
I like the design a lot, but I feel the hooks are a bit hard to put on. But still, if you don't like the hooks she can change them for a small fee!

Again as my model:

On ear:

3. Three Pearl Drop Earrings (Pink)


On ear:

Another gorgeous design! I love it because it's so simple, but yet so pretty!

These are priced SG$5.90 which is 4.11$.
A ridiculous price for a great product!

WinWin was so sweet and she included some extra goodies for me! Candy which I don't have pictures of, since I ate them and facial cleanser sample that I also used and another pair of earrings! Isn't that just super generous from her?!

She included the 8mm Purple Pearl Earrings because when she asked me if I like pearls I said something like 'yeah I like shiny stuff' xD. But it's true, I love pearls!
And those are so pretty!

I checked her store and they are priced SG$4.90, which is 3.41$. ^^


On ear:

Now that you know that her super store exists and that she makes lovely designs (earrings, necklaces, bracelets) you should visit her blog shop! ^^
If you buy something you can tell her you were referred by me ;)

~PrincessDiary Accessories~


  1. Love them all! :) I will definitely order something from her!

  2. wow.. haha.. thanks for the review.. n its looks good on ur.. esp the 2nd one.. too bad the hooks ya? muacks~~ :)


  3. awwwww i love all the earrings! I'm just a die hard fan of pearls... take all my jewelry away just leave me my pearls... and my diamonds of course hehe...but there's just something about pearls that make it define femininty...

  4. awwwwwww! they are looks so cute! very lovely stuffies!


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