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Recently I ordered a couple of earrings from WinWin's store PrincessDiary Accessories!

Her store is new, so I'm trying to spread the word!
And all the prices are in SG$ and not in $, which I thought they were...

So, I've ordered three pair of earrings! I find all her designs to be really really cute! And the prices are really reasonable (and cheap!!).

The things I've ordered are (first pictures are from her store - the super pretty ones!, others are mine).

1. Pink Pearly "+" Chandelier

The price for these babies is SG$7.90 which is 5.50$! Cheap, no?

Modeled on my plant pot:

On ear:

Another angle:

2. Sweet Princess Pearl Drop Earrings

Those are priced at SG$ 7,90 which is 5,50$.
I like the design a lot, but I feel the hooks are a bit hard to put on. But still, if you don't like the hooks she can change them for a small fee!

Again as my model:

On ear:

3. Three Pearl Drop Earrings (Pink)


On ear:

Another gorgeous design! I love it because it's so simple, but yet so pretty!

These are priced SG$5.90 which is 4.11$.
A ridiculous price for a great product!

WinWin was so sweet and she included some extra goodies for me! Candy which I don't have pictures of, since I ate them and facial cleanser sample that I also used and another pair of earrings! Isn't that just super generous from her?!

She included the 8mm Purple Pearl Earrings because when she asked me if I like pearls I said something like 'yeah I like shiny stuff' xD. But it's true, I love pearls!
And those are so pretty!

I checked her store and they are priced SG$4.90, which is 3.41$. ^^


On ear:

Now that you know that her super store exists and that she makes lovely designs (earrings, necklaces, bracelets) you should visit her blog shop! ^^
If you buy something you can tell her you were referred by me ;)

~PrincessDiary Accessories~
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