Going Eco 2nd part

Okay this is an entry about girl's problems. I mean it's related to menstruation cups So if you don't want to read about it, do skip this blog entry. For some time I've been reading about menstrual cups. I liked the idea, it seemed nicer than just tampons and pads. The bad thing about tampons is that if you swim with them, you have to take them out immediately after you get out of the water. It's disgusting because a wet tampon leaves you with a feeling of fullness. And the truth is, that I hate tampons. I mean they are cute, and come in cute packages, but.. they leave me with a dry feeling and then you can get infections. BLAH! So I decided to buy a menstrual cup. But not just any cup, I decided to buy Lunette Selene (blue). Here we have some interesting ways of receiving packages from companies. One is pay before you get it (by a bank account, which may take a day or so.. because I'm lazy and my bank is in the middle of everything and works at weird hours), the other way is 'pay when you get it'. So you pay it when the postman brings the package! That's what I did.
Lunette Selene 
Tho there was one weird thing with the package. It said 'Tatjana' instead of 'Tamara'. WTF?! Oh well. The package had two items in it, a receipt and the box! Lunette Selene 
The box close up: 
Lunette Selene 
Inside there were the menstrual cup, the pouch for it, instructions of use and disinfecting wipe. Lunette Selene 
The pouch is really pretty (picture with the cup in the pouch) Lunette Selene
Close up of the cup:
Lunette Selene 
And of it in my hand:
At first, I got scared because it looks huge. This is the smallest size, but it's big compared to tampons... So what is it good for? 

Their official site says:
EASY: The Lunette menstrual cup is an easy to use and unnoticeable menstruation barrier. The menstrual cup does not disrupt the natural lubricating ability of the vagina, does not interfere with its natural process of discharging along with menstrual blood dead cells and bacteria, and does not dry the vaginal mucous membrane. That is why it is a more sanitary alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary towels.

SUITABLE: The Lunette menstrual cup can be used by all women and in all situations. The cup can be worn during sports such as swimming, riding a bike or a horse.
ECONOMIC: Using the Lunette menstrual cup is economic. When used with care a Lunette menstrual cup will last between 5-10 years.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The Lunette menstrual cup does not need replacing for years and during its term of service there is no waste to dispose of. The Lunette menstrual cup is made in Finland. Recycled paper is used for all printed items.
SUFFICIENT: The Lunette menstrual cup can be worn at any time in your menstrual cycle-on your heaviest and lightest flow days. You don't need to worry about the supply of your sanitary pads or tampons for years!
INNOVATIVE: The lining of the Lunette menstrual cup is smooth so that its cleaning is extremely easy. The tab of the Lunette menstrual cup is flat so that it will not collect bacteria.

Do you already like it? I do! P.S. I will do a proper review after a couple of months. But this time without new pictures.. you understand, don't you? ;)
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