Haha.. I had to try it! XD

It was like being in the elementary school, so I made this:


I feel like a kid xD!
But it is fun.. :) I wish I could understand what the program says.
Anyone willing to translate it for me? :)

This is the site where you can download it and read more about it! click!

I had so much fun playing with this little program! I finally understood quite a lot of things about it, plus here and there they add new stuff with updates! 
It's great to make your pictures super cute!


  1. oh i don't know that programm :S

  2. I just added the link so you can download it!

  3. That looks so cute...I would definitely download the program if I could understand it.

  4. I have done something like that on that website: www.blingee.com
    It is so cute!

  5. oh..I can't understand what the site say..where I can download the program in eglish version??

  6. Evita: There is NO English version. Only the Chinese. And I don't understand it either, but I went and clicked the button that seemed the most as the DOWNLOAD one.. :)
    Good luck.

  7. i love the program but so bad i dnt understand it

    here's my work



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