Package in the mail! :D From Kessa Thea!

As you may remember, some time ago I won 2nd place in Kessa Thea's giveaway! She's a sweet doll and if you don't know who she is, then man.. you're way behind time :D! Okay just check her out, because she's one of the sweetest bloggers I've got to know here! I was super happy when I got a text from my sis, telling me I got a package. You know, I was working for the whole day,.. 10 long hours D:! So I made my boyfriend go to my home and bring it to me, at work. :P He said I'm spoiled but he did it... Being married will probably be great.. :D! I took the pictures at work, so sorry for the bad quality! (btw Kessa I so envy you, I mean.. a red package! We have to send stuff in brownish envelopes and packages.. blah!) The package: Oh no, it was opened by the customs!!: This is the first thing I took out :D: I was so excited, I mean.. I LOVE hello kitty! And I mean, a hair pin .. I'd wear it all the time xD! I saw that it was a little broken but I didn't imagine.. That it was literally in pieces... Poor kitty.. :( But I liked the idea so yeah! I'll try to glue it together, but I'm a bit sceptical because it's plastic and it's hard to glue plastic.. The prize (all other items are goodies!) What a cute bookmark! :D A really sweet note (I forgot to include notes when I sent out the gifts D:!!!) Her handwriting is perfect, so pretty and firm! Mine is.. ahaha.. like a cat that tries to write with her paw ;) More extra goodies!: I soooo wanted to try sheet masks! I was longing for those for a while now! THANK YOUUUU! Your gift really made my day, since it was plain boring and my nails broke :(. Thank you again! ♥♥♥♥
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