Contest Entry:The Grimm Brothers Contest


  This contest is held by Tali, and hopefully I am not late... I tried to do The Robber Bridegroom's story.. The thing is that I went to sleep over at my bf's, so I took only little make up with me but I anyway went for the natural brownish look with a mix of tired look. The story tells about a girl that is engaged to a murdered and human flesh eater. She reveals what she saw on the day of her wedding, so I went for the tired look. I mean how would you feel if you had to marry a person who will eat you after the wedding? I wouldn't sleep for a couple of days! I'm sorry for the shitty pictures but the flash was just too strong and the make up is hardly visible :(. It saddens me so much, but I couldn't do anything about it since I am not at home and without flash I got just plain yellow images. Tali I hope they're good enough for an entry in your contest :(. Why I went for the 'natural look'? Well because it's a dark story of a simple girl. I tried to be realistic about the make up she would wore so I did this.

  I think I managed to look hella tired, lol... But that's pretty much it. I used a lighter skin color for the base eyeshadow and darker in the crest, that was pretty much it when it comes to eye make up. I did some contouring and so on on the face.. But sadly I have some break outs atm... oh well!

  Now I've learned the lesson.. next time I know I have to put 300x more make up to make it visible on the pictures. I've used: +SkinFood Mushroom BB cream +No brand eyeshadow in light brown and dark brown +Essence kajal black pencil +Essence liquid liner in black +Coastal Scents contour palette for contouring +Max Factor False lashes effects mascara +S-He 330 lipstick (shiny brown) +A tiny bit of purple eyeshadow in the crest by some cute brand, but unknown..


  1. Thanks for the entry!!:) Its great...don't be harsh on yourself.. I love the idea behind it!.. I never heard the Robber Bridegroom's story before... xxx

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  3. I'm envious of your curls... The pictures have a lot of drama in it. You did good...

  4. the story behind it is awesome. i love it. i know its neutral but it soo dramatic at the same time. its very beautiful.

    good luck!!

  5. omg.. nice pics.. n sad story~~ well done tamara~~


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