Honest Scrap Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Win Win some time ago, but I forgot.. well actually I had so many other stuff to write about that I just said I'll do it later... I'm sorry this took so long for me to do.. So what is this about? → Tell the readers 10 truths that they may or may not know. → Tag ten people to do the same. → Let the ten people know they were tagged! → And link back to the person who tagged you. 1. I hate being late. And I honestly dislike people who are always late. I mean 5 minutes is acceptable, but 20 minutes will make me soooo angry! I get to a place at least 10 minutes before I have to and then I do other stuff so I get there in time. 2. I really dislike doing nothing. I mean, it's okay to just lie down with a book and then sleep. Okay I call that relaxing, but doing the whole damn day nothing? I cannot stand it. 3. I am quite sociable, tho there was the time when I tried to avoid people because I thought no one would like me. 4. I have two sisters and a brother. One of them is my twin sister Parisky , then I have a 8 years older sister and 10 years older brother. 5. I love animals and I cannot watch them suffer. If I'd see someone hit a dog/cat/other animal, then I honestly get mad. I think this is the only reason I would kill.. ahah :P Or at least beat someone up <.<. Here we don't have animal cops... 6. I get easily obsessed over things, but at the same time I forget about them as easily.. 7. I love reading. I could do nothing else than just read for the whole day. But then I'd feel guilty for not going out... That's one of the reasons I love rainy days (and because I sleep so much better when it's raining!). 8. I have lots of shoes and I want more of them (of course they're all with high heels lol) but I don't feel pretty enough to wear them. So practically I wear only flats and high heels are still in the boxes D:!!! Okay most of the time.. xD I think that my not so thin (ahaha okay fat!!) body doesn't go well with high heels. 9. I used to draw a lot, but then I got into photography and well.. after that I got lazy. I'm trying to get back into drawing, but honestly it's just so hard... 10. I'm really grateful to all my followers that they keep reading the bulls*** I post! Thank youuuuu!!! Well I want to tag all the lovely ladies who are reading this! I don't want to miss anyone out, so please.. if you read this do it yourself too?! (my doggy - Trixy she's just sooo damn spoiled! But who would blame her ;))
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