NOTD: Essie Neon 09 - Punchy Pink

Alright, I put it on! Lol. It was kind of interesting to be honest.. I mean I felt like I'm putting nail polish on for the first time! The polish is quite pigmented (ok very), really dense and fast drying. It dries into a matte finish which I absolutely LOVE! Excuse the terrible apply, but it was drying really quickly and I was clumsy too! Oh and I have to reshape my nails, ew! So far, I love it! matte finish: With the top coat on: I must say that it looks gorgeous in the shadow, on the sun it loses a bit of its 'sharpness'. And I liked it matte better. Plus it makes my skin look tanned! Aahah, so funny. I put on two layers of base nail polish (Essie fill the gap) and two of the Punchy Pink. I think one could work too, but I had a bit of problems with the apply since I didn't expect it to be so fast-drying and thick. And for the finish I used Essie Good To Go (I'm running out of it!!). How do you like it?


  1. WOW WOW Lovin the bright pink!
    btw he's my link for my nails

  2. omg...this is the best bright pink color for summer. I luv. I'm going to get a hand on this. hehe. Thanks for the swatch. =)

  3. that's pretty hot pink!

  4. Ooh wow! I'm absolutely digging this, haha. I love neon colours. :0)

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  6. great color,
    can't wait to see the purple one <3

  7. Thank you for your comment! I was hiding my face because I had no make-up on. ;)

    LOVE this color, so damn cool! <3


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