NOTD: Essie Neon 09 - Punchy Pink

Alright, I put it on! Lol. It was kind of interesting to be honest.. I mean I felt like I'm putting nail polish on for the first time! The polish is quite pigmented (ok very), really dense and fast drying. It dries into a matte finish which I absolutely LOVE! Excuse the terrible apply, but it was drying really quickly and I was clumsy too! Oh and I have to reshape my nails, ew! So far, I love it! matte finish: With the top coat on: I must say that it looks gorgeous in the shadow, on the sun it loses a bit of its 'sharpness'. And I liked it matte better. Plus it makes my skin look tanned! Aahah, so funny. I put on two layers of base nail polish (Essie fill the gap) and two of the Punchy Pink. I think one could work too, but I had a bit of problems with the apply since I didn't expect it to be so fast-drying and thick. And for the finish I used Essie Good To Go (I'm running out of it!!). How do you like it?
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