Neons are here!

Hello everyone! I just got home and guess what was waiting for me?! A box! YAY! I checked what was was written on it and it says 'nail supply' so I guessed that the super cute neons must be inside... Opened! Ta-da! They were obviously bubble wrapped, but I teared it apart.. They are SO MUCH more vibrant in real than they are on pictures. I managed to capture some of the neon colors because it was raining, so the sky was a tad darker and more dramatic..! Aren't they adorable?! I can't wait to try them out, and I'm sure that today a NOTD will follow! ;) Btw I managed to get in the top 10 in a contest, so now the readers have to pick up their favorite manicure. You can see all of them here. If you want to, you can vote for your fav on the right (there's a poll!), pick your fav! And if you like mine you can vote for me too! I am number 10.
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