Ice Creamy post!

This is completely make up unrelated but still. We went to the 'most fancy' pub #2 in Portoroz and I ate ice cream. But not just any ice cream! I ate dark chocolate (1€) with raspberries and wild strawberry which was quite pricey (2€!). But damn those were super goooood! I also got some new earrings, but I'll post them tomorrow ;). One side: Other side: None left xD! Yummy, yummy! ♥


  1. Amazing. In croatia i wish it was only 2e.. its like 4 a scoop. Its becomeing a tourist place i would be so happy with 2 euros hahaha

  2. Mmm. That looks good! I want some! :)

  3. mmmm and wow! dark chocolate icecream. that sounds good!

  4. Strawberries and chocolate!! My fav ice cream combo!


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