What is inside my bag?

The beautiful Tali tagged me to do this. I wanted to do this tag for a while now, but since I've been tagged it's a must! ^^ The last month or so, I've been using this huuuuge handbag. Or is it a Boston bag? Hell I don't know! Probably it's a Boston bag sice it's so big... Anyway it's light pink, a dog can go in it, and it makes me bring so many things with myself that's embarrassing.. But still, I love it! (most images are clickable!) The bag in all it's.. ehr glory. Okay here it's empty. I have this cute/scarry thing on my bag.. it's a monskey! Detail: I have lots of wallets (and bags lol), but this one is my fav.. Morgan navy blue check wallet. Home keys: Car keys: (I have the driving license for 6 months now.. ) The essentials: +hand balm +deodorant (you never know if you'll sleep over!) +perfume (these change from week to week) +lip balm! If I don't have it with me, I buy it. Can't live without one! Notepad + pen: Water + water in spray (great thing if it's too hot to breathe! you spray it on your face/skin) Random: +anti-bacteria hand gel by Essence +condoms (a girl has to be prepared?!) +peppermint spray (when chewing gum is not an option) +Che Guarana (when I have to work for lots of hours and I got no sleep) +Artificial tears (for when my contacts get dry from the AC) For THOSE days: +Always sensitive pads +O.B. tampons +Lekadol pills (for headaches) +Nalgesin pill (for pain) +Hansaplast patch (with Cinderella on it) Make up HK bag: What's inside? +S-he trio lipstick +S-he nude lipstick (or wanna be) +Some lip gloss.. +Essence Lip gloss +Revlon color stay foundation +Essence Sun club face/eyes/body shadow +Max Factor Fake Eyelashes effect mascara in Waterproof +Essence 50's Fever blush Brush +Essence black liquid eyeliner +Mirror Ufff,... that's a lot of things, no? The problem is that the bag has like 3 huge pockets and the interior one has like three more! So I put in it stuff I don't really need... Now, I tag my sister Parisky, the always pretty Eki and the sweet Soapholic!


  1. Nice contents. And oh yeah, we use the same hand balm now. The goat milk smells fab. You should try the make up remover from that brand as well, it's almost as good as Lancome' Bi-Facil (well, almost).

  2. nice mini make-up kit!! The sun club shadow looks like a great product!

  3. I enjoyed reading your "What in my purse" blog! :) Haha, and I like how you went into details what inside. I should be getting that Evian Spray, seems handy one day!

  4. Is Parisky really your sister!?!?!

  5. Nice things! I love your wallet!


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