What is inside my bag?

The beautiful Tali tagged me to do this. I wanted to do this tag for a while now, but since I've been tagged it's a must! ^^ The last month or so, I've been using this huuuuge handbag. Or is it a Boston bag? Hell I don't know! Probably it's a Boston bag sice it's so big... Anyway it's light pink, a dog can go in it, and it makes me bring so many things with myself that's embarrassing.. But still, I love it! (most images are clickable!) The bag in all it's.. ehr glory. Okay here it's empty. I have this cute/scarry thing on my bag.. it's a monskey! Detail: I have lots of wallets (and bags lol), but this one is my fav.. Morgan navy blue check wallet. Home keys: Car keys: (I have the driving license for 6 months now.. ) The essentials: +hand balm +deodorant (you never know if you'll sleep over!) +perfume (these change from week to week) +lip balm! If I don't have it with me, I buy it. Can't live without one! Notepad + pen: Water + water in spray (great thing if it's too hot to breathe! you spray it on your face/skin) Random: +anti-bacteria hand gel by Essence +condoms (a girl has to be prepared?!) +peppermint spray (when chewing gum is not an option) +Che Guarana (when I have to work for lots of hours and I got no sleep) +Artificial tears (for when my contacts get dry from the AC) For THOSE days: +Always sensitive pads +O.B. tampons +Lekadol pills (for headaches) +Nalgesin pill (for pain) +Hansaplast patch (with Cinderella on it) Make up HK bag: What's inside? +S-he trio lipstick +S-he nude lipstick (or wanna be) +Some lip gloss.. +Essence Lip gloss +Revlon color stay foundation +Essence Sun club face/eyes/body shadow +Max Factor Fake Eyelashes effect mascara in Waterproof +Essence 50's Fever blush Brush +Essence black liquid eyeliner +Mirror Ufff,... that's a lot of things, no? The problem is that the bag has like 3 huge pockets and the interior one has like three more! So I put in it stuff I don't really need... Now, I tag my sister Parisky, the always pretty Eki and the sweet Soapholic!
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