Goofing Around!

I wanted to do my MU, and try taking some pictures. But I couldn't set the tripod, so bleeeh! Oh well, you have to work with what you have... So I goofed around. Lol, it was fun but next time I need to have at least an idea of what am I doing :D! Ta-da! LOL. The most normal.. almost! Photobucket O.o What is this? A dog? THE Dog! Photobucket A giraffe? Lol.. I have about 14 plushes in my room atm. I had LOTS more.. Photobucket Love beat? xD Photobucket Heeh.. this was too fun.. And it's good for nothing! I didn't learn nothing new, but.. oh well.. it was still fun! Oh right the MU: It's nothing dramatic, just a neutral brown palette with eyeliner and black pencil. And Max Factor False lashes effect. Btw can you see the circle of my lense? It's my regular contact lenses, and they're 14 mm big! I mean that's the same size as circle lenses. So I don't get it why would those be worse for me. :)


  1. Wow, your make-up looks really nice.
    And photos are so cute~

    Thank you for your comments.
    Actually my festival is this weekend, so I have no time to buy lenses. But maybe in future...? Who knows, because lenses look really good ^_^



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