Make Up Storage and lip balm review

Some time ago I saw a blog post in which Gejba wrote about a thing that could help store makeup, which was sold in Hofer for only 8€! Honestly, I jumped off and dragged my bf to the store. I didn't even read the blog post to its end. I got it, and now I have most of my items in it. I also have a makeup train case, which I didn't take pictures off because I have to clean it. I was again playing with that cute program again.. and I think I overdid my pictures, lol. Sorry! 

How it looks:
It's a bit boring, but it helps me store my things, so yeah! I will hopefully make it cuter one of these days, but how? Any ideas? It's plastic so the acrylic paint wouldn't work. 
One of the storage spaces:
(filled with 6 eye shadows from Lime Crime. Those were one of the first, so they don't have shifters and because of that, the minerals go to the borders and look messy. That's my sis's hand) 

Where I keep my skin care items (most of them and some random stuff):
(haha, a mess, right?) 

I have a small room, and I need to reorganize everything. I need a new and bigger wardrobe, a place where to put my books and so on. Hopefully, this will happen this year. bah! I also need to repaint my room, get a new desk (I am dreaming about a vanity desk)... There's plenty of stuff that needs to be done. But first I need to stop spending on items for myself and start spending my money on items for my room. But then again.. I think I will move out pretty soon (okay a year) so investing a lot of money into my room. Oh well, I don't know. 

Now to the review! I Will be reviewing this item: Photobucket 

Which is a strawberry lip balm from Dvorec Trebnik. It smells like strawberries candy, yummy. 

The ingredients: Petrolatum, Echinacea purpura extract, Cera alba, Tocopherol, Lanolin, Glycerin, Aroma, Citrus grandis seed extract.

Bad, good and rating; 

+The smell - it smells yummy!
+The cute package +It moisturize my lips for a long time. 
+The price (I got it for a little bit over 1€ because it was 40% off) 
+I have to apply just a dab of it, for my full lips 

-The packaging, lol. I know.. when my nails grow it's hard to scoop it out. I wish I had a spatula.
-I don't think it belongs to 'natural' cosmetics line 
-Isn't available worldwide, just in Slovenia in Mercator 

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5 

Overall: Well I like it. But I am not sure if I would buy it again. I mean I have soo many other products to try out! But I like the fact that the feeling of hydrated lips lasts a long time. That's really great. Plus it makes my lips really soft. I also like the packaging, and now that I've come out with a special tactic how to pick the stuff out. well, now it's easier. Plus it's a great thing in summer. All my other lip balms have melted and when I try to apply them, there's some huge mess! So overall it's a good product. It does its job really well, plus it's cute. But the sad thing is, that it's available only in Slovenia.
How do you like the images? I mean with all that cute border? Today I will post a makeup entry! It makes me sad, because I apply MU every single day, and every single day I do something different. But most of the time I'm in a great hurry, so I don't have time to take pictures.. *sob sob* But everything would change if I had a compact camera. Hopefully, I will get myself one! Oh and one more thing. I ordered Geo Nudy Blue. I can't wait to see how they will look on me! But more on that when I get them.
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