Dad's Bday Home Party

This is completely beauty unrelated, but I wanted to share it with you ladies! My dad has now 60 years! :D So we organized a home party in our garden, and invited some of the closest relatives. My dear was at the BBQ, I was at the camera (some time) and others were having fun. For now I'll just post a picture of myself taken by my sis and lots of food! We had LOTS of meat, some salads, donuts (without the hole), three kind of cake, apple pie and so on.. There was more than 30 degrees Celsius and we were all sweating heavily. Terrible! BBQ meat... Before And after! Apple pie made by my grandma: Fruit Cake: Chocolate cake: And chocolate cake made by my sis: (okay she made two of them, and I didn't take pictures of the other one..) I am not sure if I will post other pictures. I mean I just saw I didn't take lots of pictures, and on most pictures is food and on some my dad opening the presents. I think I have enough meat for a week or more... :) P.S. Now you know why I am overweight! :))
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