Yesterday I got myself a domain for my blog. It will be! But I almost f* up everything when I didn't set up the dsl and 'connected' my blog to the link.. Of course it didn't work so I reversed it. Now I'm waiting for it to set up, and then hopefully it will work. At least I do hope so! Does any of you girls have experience with setting your own domain and then linking it to your blog via blogger? Help? :)


  1. I suggest you use via blogger as you do not need to pay for hosting.

  2. well I have domain too and I am paying for hosting and domain .. imagine the cost of having a few blogs the cost is so much

  3. Sherry I paid just for the domain, blogger will still host my blog! :) So no hosting to pay for!

  4. Thanks for your comment! Hmm I've set up my account and linking it before but not with blogger... I had to pay for the domain and the space but that's it! Good luck and congrats on having your own website name for your blog :D

  5. so fast its dones last time it takes me 2 weeks to get on blogger.


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