YAY! Now it finally works, thanks to my bro! I really didn't know how to set up the DNS.. So all I paid for was the domain, and stupid me I didn't get it from, but from a site that ha got it from it, and I didn't even know! The DNS is free, since he got it from a free host thing.. hell I don't know! Oh well, it should work for one year ;). Now I will also have a related email - [email protected] and of course my personal mail, but that will be for personal use.. Probably I'll use the first one for companies and so on. Probably. It feels great to have my own domain! It feels like Xmass! I promise that I will post more exciting news and stuff ASAP, because now I'm working almost non-stop and the rest of the time I'm at my bfs place. So, coming next: *Make up storage, ideas and how I do it? *Nail polishes storage? *After bite haul P.S. The picture was taken last year when we were trying out Nikon D70 and I honestly got lost because it has less logic placement of buttons than Canon D30, D40 and D50. But still.. ^^
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