Review: Oregon Smart Baby Ultra Violet Monitor

Ha, what a long name!

 Oregon Smart Baby Ultra Violet Monitor

I got this baby last summer when I saw it in a baby magazine. It was 55€, but hell it's really worth all your money! For those who don't know what this is - it's a gadget that monitors the range of UV light. It's designed for babies / small children, but honestly, everyone can use it! I know this is not really beauty related, but then again, keeping our skin sane is beauty related! So, I got this and forgot about it right after the summer passed. But now I'm using it again. It's really practical, not too big, or too small. It's a size of a regular cell phone, pretty heavy too (as a cell phone). 


First thing; you set your skin type (mine is 2 because I have light hair, light eyes, and pale skin), then you set your SPF. You can always change those two. After that, you press the UV/temp/degree button and wait for a couple of seconds, so it measures the humidity (plus it tells you the weather with a drawing on top of it), strength, of UV light, temperature. Then if you want you can check how long you can stay in the sun with your current SPF. You can even make it remind you when you have to get back in the shadow and reapply the sun factor. I mean, it's really genius! Tho it took me a while to figure it out without the properly written 'how to use' papers! Blah! But still, once you understand how it works, I'm sure you won't go out without it!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5 

Overall: I haven't found anything better when it comes to safety under the sun light. And it still works perfectly even if I didn't change its batteries for more than a year. I would recommend this kind of gadget to all of you who have kids, and are always concerned about their safety!
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